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  1. both have very good reps any of them would build youa decent engine or go just jap buy a n1 engine from sump to cam cover for 13 large ones...
  2. Interested in one with out clear top can it be done??? as cops will tend to still say no good you have a pod filter still lol sydney highway arent the most friendly people
  3. modified standard plenum painted in kh3 black $100 Hows it moddified any pics??
  4. Do you know if series 2 dash surrounding that clips aorund speedo area around cluster fits series 1??? if so how much
  5. rb series engines are pretty easy to pull out, i am a mechanic and when you have right tool eg air tools, i think it took me about 5.5hrs to remove and fit one engine... nice work trust em after pulling about 20 of these engines they get quicker and quicker
  6. Yeh i just brought same from croydon yesterday top blokes even had the earl line fittings and gave me some hose good blokes, just waiting to install it to hot to attemp today.. what hp you feeding your car with nitrous?
  7. That is very decent power from the mods listed.... Interesting..
  8. i am in westeren sydney out towards campbelltown liverpool, And yes i do have the bell housing bolts, the gear box and engine are still together so just have to take them out if u interested....
  9. 2rismo what fuel pump u running in your car??
  10. R31 1988 wagon manual, beige in colour if it matters,suspenion and diff parts i dont have they gone already... Short list. Doors Interior parts Manual 5 speed 73k it had grannies old car... any more inquires pm or ask and i ll get back to you.. open for most serious offers...
  11. thanks for that gives me a good reference.... much appreciated...
  12. WPN33R


    Ahaha before epa got me 3 1/4 from turbo back just super dragger on ass sounded fat but they dont like hering my baby scream at 4800rmp
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