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  1. Overcenter


    Here is some simple fab I did on my personal S13. The ductwork is highly effective in keeping temps down on the street and the track. The shape of the duct help speeds up the air as it passes thru the core face. By sealing up between the IC and the radiator my water temp average about 175-185F. It's a good addition to any car that is in a hot climate. Good job on the fab forum, its nice to have a place to come less the typical interweb drama. This is a cheap and easy project that could be adapted to any car. The duct is made out of 6061 T6 .063" thick. I bent the curve in the aluminum by pulling it around a parking pole.
  2. It's a Formula D car, here is a link. http://www.tunerzine.com/articles.asp?id=163
  3. Well, to try to combat the turbulence created down stream where the wastegate enters I left a .250 lip along the leading edge of the pipe. This will create a low pressure area across the mouth of the wastegate pipe and help with the turbulence. He is only going to run 15-16 psi. At what boost level are the XR6T and running into issues? The wastegate hole has not been enlarged. Honestly, I despise internally gated turbos, but it is a more cost effective alternative vs a new mani. 304 "L" bends range from $45-65 us, the 3" bend I used here was $55 retail and the 2" was $48 retail.
  4. The aluminum holds up well, we even have a few guys that drive it on the street. On the drift cars I expect it to get busted up a bit more, unlike the drag, circuit and street cars. At $15 bucks a bend let it, I just do not care its better than $45 per bend in 304L. I use .065” wall and like I said it holds up well Also in regards to the ATP flange, yes it does cause turbulence. Any internally gated turbo is just a compromise.
  5. The cheap China stuff goes to hell fast. The Rath or Gibson 304L stuff we get here in the states fairs much better. Are drift cars 304L down pipes are still gold even after a season of abuse. On this years drift cars I'm staying with a 304L dump tube and 6061 T6 from the dump to the muffler. Time to shave some more weight out, I got last years S13 down to 2130 LBS.
  6. Yep, its the ATP flange. I wanted to get the entery as far down stream as I could. Thanks for the complements guys.
  7. I have been really enjoying this site, lot's of good info. So I thought you guy may like to see some stuff I'm doing state side. We do not do a huge amount of RB stuff but, for some reason for the past month or so we have had 3 RB projects. Here it a "J" pipe I fabed for an R33 with a Internaly gated Garrett 3076R. The jig I made to locate the factory DP location: The tacked up "J" pipe I expect someone will comment on the wastegate tube angle as it comes back into the “J”. I’m working on a better merge now. I also kicked the pipe closer to the block so it will work on left hand drive 240's
  8. I know this is a bit off topic, but is a "street price" for a set of cams in Australia? Here in the states they are about 960 AUD.
  9. Up Garage is sort of cool, lots of used parts in good shape. http://www.upgarage.com
  10. Good point on the intercooler. I have pressure-tested stock side mounts and guess what they leak over 10psi 8 out of 10 times. So if he is loosing air all ready accounted for, it will be rich. We run our plug gaps tight .021" (.53mm), we have only gained power by doing this, never lost. If you are running a stock side mount it's time to scrap it. The new Greddy M spec stuff is nice, all the piping is identical to the V & R spec. I like it better than the HDI stuff and the price is comparable (in the states at least).
  11. You guys have one hell of a site here 1st and foremost. I have had an R33 GTS-t in my shop here in the states and I have been reading thru this site a bunch. We mostly do SR stuff at the shop so I thought I would put my two cents in on this post. To get a curve that looks like yours you have something else going on other than just the ecu. We regularly run S14 SR's up to 12-14psi on all stock bits (maf, 370cc’s,ECU). Our A/F ratios stay in the mid 11's. What kind of spark plug gaps are you running? I agree that changing out the ECU to something you can tune is huge benefit and throw a set of 550cc's in there and you will make some good power. On my personal S13 I made 330 whp and 280ft/lbs @ 16psi on a S14 SR turbo, 264 cams, AEM EMS, 850cc's and a Greddy plenum. These numbers are from a DynoJet, what can I say it’s the silly Yankee standard. If I can help in any way let me know. I feel obligated after I have shamelessly pilfered a bunch of good info off this site.
  12. If it is any help I can tell you that S15 HLSD halfshafts (output shafts, not axles), are different than the US spec R200 (240SX) half shafts. The position of the retaining clip grove is different.
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