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  1. I saw this last night same place, was hoping to hear it start up but was gone before I came back...
  2. red 34 with white rims turning onto bridge rd sunday arvo
  3. Yeah mate that would be me, don't get on here very often...
  4. Sounds gd, mate of mine goes to AM performance that I'm aware of, will have a suss
  5. Yeah more so the bracket, seen some that attach to the front bolts on the passenger seat & then you just attach the fire extinguisher to that. Will check out these other places you guys have suggested too, thanks.
  6. Hey everyone, As the title and description suggest I'm after a bracket to put in my car for a fire extinguisher for an upcoming track day & was wondering if anyone knows where or who I can buy one from. Tried doing a search through the forums and it seems like there is one person making them but I'm not sure if they're in SA. Figured there's a few people on here that get out on the track so hopefully I can get some helpful information and sorted before the date, cheers.
  7. I could accept sparkly orange, rego'd it as gold though
  8. I could accept sparkly orange, rego'd it as gold though
  9. Maybe those GTR's are as fast as they say they are
  10. Thanks mate, luckily Regency took note on how neat it was too & had no issues when it went through the other week. Don't know about burgundy though Some ppl may say it's orange but I prefer to say it's gold
  11. Spotted R35 GTR 'BATFINK' yesterday on Sudholz Rd
  12. Nmr? Maybe mnr...main north road? Heaps good to have my car back on the road & off defect
  13. That sux Krishy, good luck getting it off defect, fingers crossed mines off defect this week
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