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  1. March to about Sep this year I was watching the Auctions closely (I was looking at buying an BCNR33) - I live in Japan so I ended up buying a private gem - but I remember the auction prices were basically increasing week in week out = so actually it's just increased alot maybe due to people having more spare cash and at the same time US and Australian import laws allowing more cars to be exported to those countries. There's still alot of nice cars out there in Japan, but some of the nicer ones, the owners and some dealers would be reluctant at putting through auctions, as they want them to be kept in Japan. It's an interesting phenomena which I guess makes the "good condition" cars in the auctions even more valuable.
  2. Keen for swaps on any wheel but specs i'm after are about 16x7 - 8 +30 or lower. I need to clear the coilovers and my gramlights or te37s dont clear them enough. I'm going hawaii next week and want to get rid of them asap so now 700$
  3. 5x114.3 mate - they'll fit silvias and skylines. also why I'm keen for r32 gtr wheel swaps
  4. Hey Guys, Up for sale is this set of wheels I had previously on the MR2, Starcorp Impul - Painted in matte silver with toyota centre caps Specs are- Front: 18 x 8.5 +38 Kuhmo KU19 plenty of Tread[80%]!!! Rear: 18 x 9.5 +38 Kuhmo KU31 plenty of tread[80%]!!! Wheels are in great condition however the paint is a little rough. comes with plastic toyota hubcentric rings. Feel free to pop around and test fit. Need them gone this week and really want a pick up sale 750$ Willing to swap with R32 GTR wheels with tyres Pics on the car: [/
  5. Looking forward to pics..... are you considering trades at all? Xr5 Turbo plus cash my way? 2010 model
  6. How keen would you be to swap for a 2010 Xr5 Turbo? 12K kms 2.5 years factory warranty left. check my topics
  7. PRICE DROP! $29,900 Only slightly negotiable. - Send me trade offers, I want to get into another skyline
  8. Hi, I'm just testing the waters to see what I can get. Year: 2010 (March Built) Make: Ford Model: Focus XR5 Turbo Kms: 12,000 kms Condition: Near New Price: Offers + 32.5K PRICE DROP 31,000 or swap with Clean r33 GTR or GTST 1997+ with cash adjustment Comments: great condition and well looked after, non smoking or eating in etc. The car has had new car treatment applied (from reflect effect): http://forum.jdmstyletuning.com/showthread.php?27569-New-Car-Treatment Car is fitted with - - 20% Tints all round - Eibach Pro spring Kit (Fitted by Sinclair Ford) - Also comes with standard springs kit spare Service done 3K kms and 7.5K kms at sinclair ford Been babied and only driven on weekends, only sometimes on week days. PIC: Call or txt me 0416496664
  9. Hi Guys, I've got a bunch of that I should get rid of. 1. Random Lug Nuts with lock nuts - 1.25 (came off work R33 Skyline) $40 2. Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer with Universal Harness - $120 3. Blitz Turbo Timer Harness (doesn't suit the Greddy) - Back of the box shows what cars it suits Brand new- $40 bucks 4. Bendix Ultimate Brake pads - used but a fair bit of meat left on it still - $40? 5. Nissan OEM Airbag/Hicas unit thingo - not even sure how much this is worth - 40$? 6. Nissan OEM R33 Rb25det (series 2) Oil Pump - Probably needs a rebuild - I'm ok if u want to get an inspection done - $100 7. Nissan OEM R33 HICAS - 60$ PM me for details Cheers
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