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  1. indeed
  2. was in reference to someone saying something along the lines of only 800k profit is a good investment
  3. I'm impresses you actually took the time to work that out
  4. Gone up 30% on open, the owners putting their whole life savings in it before opening and predicted 90c they're smarter than me so should of copied
  5. Should of got some of those shares! https://hotcopper.com.au/asx/tlx/
  6. LOL nah that's not mine just a pic on the net I found and thought it was hilarious the size of the jetski. As big as the freaken car
  7. Took the STI for a roasting down Dandenong tourist road, thing feels like a gokart! Once I hit the bottom brakes doing some nice squeaking, bedded dem babies in nicely. Stopped after a while which was good Ordered a tow bar the other night so I can be a cool cat and tow a jet ski, this counts as first mod right?
  8. No Harsh the dude with silver 33r
  9. Anyone know a good U.S mail forwarder for car parts? I want something and they don't ship to Australia.. they recommended one site but it was like $200 USD to forward as it's probably about a 20kg car part.
  10. rip
  11. f**k i should of bought some, never figured out the way to do it too lazy.
  12. Okay so Pat wins the internet on this round.
  13. I remember borrowing a steering wheel from you, would of been in 2008 back then after I got defected with my Momo
  14. Dam, got me beat. JOINED January 23, 2007