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  1. UNR33L

    Looks as good as DECA definitely. Who has that gif of the Ford going over the grassy knoll at DECA? lel
  2. UNR33L

    Simon halp plz
  3. UNR33L

    Good man 👍
  4. UNR33L

    Yeah but typically linked to hitting your targets. I mean if it were real estate that'd be easy, selling to people that want to buy houses in the first place. IT hard selling things to people that have no idea that they need it or have never needed X in the past. Inb4 real estate agents come at me
  5. UNR33L

    Yuck, sales!
  6. UNR33L

    Can you give your spot to Chris Starr? He was keen to do it I think
  7. UNR33L

    Lol. I'll be trying to go as quick as I can with mechanical sympathy (ie. no hard launches, hand brakes) The Falcon was horrid on the skid pan the rex should feel 10x better.
  8. UNR33L

    Pumped for the skid pan this saturday, which VWL brahs are going?
  9. UNR33L

    88e the foundation of VWL ❤️
  10. UNR33L

    If it doesn't come with an SSD I'd rather upgrade HDD than RAM If it does then yeh just chuck another 4GB stick of ram in if you want She'll be right for what you're wanting I guess, just might take a while to start up
  11. UNR33L

    Good thing you didn't get the $400 laptop that would of been sheit! But yeh I like the Dells, and decent company in general
  12. UNR33L

    Ah true, makes sense. In other news those local sports teams, should be a good game tonight.
  13. UNR33L

    We are a bunch of office folks Read this today, not sure how legit it is: https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/careers/new-research-reveals-aussie-advertised-salaries-have-grown-over-last-year/news-story/bcdbb4071ef361db1820ccb441056c8c But apparently education salary increase of 18% in the past year, I.T 10 percent etc. how/why would this be the case? I thought it's usually 2-3%. Also I.T apparently 124k a year average salary, I must have a shit IT job then I guess, RIP me I guess it doesn't state whether these averages are MEAN or MEDIAN.
  14. UNR33L

    I'd love to do a 4x 10hr day week as well. Would be awesome if part time gigs were more of a 'thing' too. E.G if you could take 1/5th or 2/5ths off a decent wage I'd definitely go for it. Not only is it less work days as birds said, it also gives you the chance to go out on your own a try something new to make the $$.
  15. UNR33L

    I agree Go Pies. Hot Pies at the moment, Richmond still strong