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  1. UNR33L

    Dezz, I drove a RS3 the other day a mate just bought one, 2016 model $69k 24,000km on the clock. Thing has shit loads of power, 0-100 4.3sec & 4WD - replacement for the excel? Had the performance exhaust or whatever, first thing I thought was sounds exactly like a V10 lambo / R8 from the inside, massive shock. Get yaself one, pocket change for you
  2. UNR33L

    Not sure about e85 but they offer australian maps for 98 or 95 as our fuel is slightly different I got the Cobb because it saved me from having to get it dyno tuned for simple mods like intake / exhaust, can just download maps for them. Otherwise you put an intake on you have to get it dyno tuned.
  3. UNR33L

    Some of them do that, I think Trent does etc. doesn't help me when I've already got the Cobb access port for off the shelf maps installed.
  4. UNR33L

    RIP called the local Cobb tuner only to find out he has sliced his arm open and had it operated on yesterday.. out of action for who know how long! Means I have to wait or go to Sunshine, da west side brah.
  5. UNR33L

    Oh yeh forgot about that.. RIP My other mate wrote his VF ute off as well
  6. UNR33L

    what happened to the ute brah
  7. UNR33L

    Where abouts you getting that price from?
  8. UNR33L

    Just realised you were talking diameter. I'm still deciding, I kind of want to keep the same size 19s the only advantage of 18s is more tyre choice.. but then I feel downgraded 😛
  9. UNR33L

    Ofcourse the problem is once you get dem wide rims, need to do dat suspension so it doesn't look mexican.. Looking at MCA coilovers, Australian company
  10. UNR33L

    Nah those studs would make it hard still 😛
  11. UNR33L

    Yeh I dont think much since 2008 really lol One issue is finding shops that tune Cobb, not as many as expected in Melbourne but the big subie shops all do it. I don't mind the OEM style, they're just sunk in the guards and hard to clean.. not a fan of spacers too. Going to increase 1" width.. stock 19x8.5 and what I'm looking at is 19x9.5 +35 not sure what offset stock is. Then maybe just transfer the tyres to the new rims unless I can get a good deal on some Nitto Invos or something.
  12. UNR33L

    Got the same issue with the Subie, want to get a few things done at a shop.. 2 month minimum booking time, don't even know where or what I'll be doing for work next week so makes it hard to get it done! Nearly pulling the trigger on the new Work emotion T5R, apparently the lightest in the emotion range and love the 5 spoke design, multiple spoke / mesh rims can get f**ked too hard to clean!
  13. UNR33L

    Saw Jasons R33 GTST the other day at Tuned meet, the thing looks pretty sweet all blacked out with the big CF wang. Nice high mount hypergear turbo setup too
  14. UNR33L

    Doesn't surprise me, remember it being a bit laggy and squirmy once coming on full boost!
  15. UNR33L

    I should buy my brothers 33 GTST that's been sitting outside the parents joint for the last 6 years rusting away.. I think it's missing an engine and exhaust only, he would have 30k in it and just looks like a heap of shit now 😕 Those poor advan TC3 wheels look like rusty shit too now