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  1. v8 supercars and v8 F1s all gone v6 turbo sad
  2. Too true.. still waiting for the 390z
  3. f*kn lol So the cars are all slammed VWs, MX5s or BMWs.. typical.
  4. Dezz after selling his 88e stock at .027
  5. Time to get back into 88e? or red flags with dat dere water flow. ? lol..
  6. My salary is 800
  7. Shitty forum bugs
  8. Shitty forum bugs
  9. I put some cheapo head unit in the 33 GTR I remember.. didn't really care as long as it worked. Dem jap stations only going to 90.0 or what ever it was.
  10. Happy to say I only did the sub install once.. first car.
  11. #90s cars problems, gotta replace dem speakers with the xplodes and KICKER subs
  12. Nah, they found another car. Grant, you should buy it
  13. m8 my nankangs and supercharged v8 could ch0p that
  14. Your mate has nice exhaust tips.
  15. Wait - Leeroy ISN'T behind the wheel of that thing? Saw Baby Driver on the weekend too, can confirm good movie. I'll tell you once.