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  1. UNR33L

    hows the hangover? started a new job at car dealership last Monday, as usual doing the rounds and getting introduced to staff, then I got introduced to Mark with the gold / bronze r33 on here, small world! Inb4 "IT jobs are revolving doors"
  2. UNR33L

    You rather that than a r33 GTST?
  3. UNR33L

    One thing I like about spectating the drifting is all the RB / 1Js with external gate, nice sounds. Too bad we'd be shot if we did it on the street
  4. UNR33L

    True, my cars "Build" usually consist of intake,exhaust,tune,rims,coilovers job done. Too poor (sensible?) for anything else. You should put a big APR wang on the Gloria, f**k the haters.
  5. UNR33L

    Mrs won't let me mod her Focus ST
  6. UNR33L

    The one thing i miss about living in clayton south, the prinny sounds
  7. UNR33L

    Whens the f6 getting 1000hp Simon? Nah but hows the F6 going? Miss the Falcon sometimes, effortless cruising to work.
  8. UNR33L

    When's the next SAU VIC track day / motorsport event happening? not much going on in the events area?
  9. UNR33L

    Ford XR5 and cruise control kit https://www.4x4andcamping.com.au/products/autostrada-cruise-control-kit-ford-focus-with-xr5-aug-2011-e-cruise-fo03s?variant=22989735683&utm_campaign=gs-2018-10-30&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=Cj0KCQiA2o_fBRC8ARIsAIOyQ-mW0-TZ_g0f2y851f7a-P-LhmDErpHbVmqCCZLmdFGvxJzJuGTpnK4aAq7YEALw_wcB
  10. UNR33L

    Ford XR5, cant go wrong they're mad. Can sound like a mini v10 too.
  11. UNR33L

    I enjoy doing my own car, therapeutic. Then you go to the car meet and realise your car is spotless except a 10cm line of brake dust & smuts on bright ass yellow brakes where you couldn't get behind the wheel 😛 fuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  12. UNR33L

    Yeah pretty sure they get made on order, ordered some Work Kiwamis as they fit the budget & sizes I wanted. Finding 19s that clear brembos, budget friendly, in certain width / offset doesn't leave many options. Bonus is, I'll be able to clean my brembos now without having to roll the car forward 10cm!
  13. UNR33L

    What ever happened to overnight parts from Japan? My wheels are going to take 2 months!
  14. UNR33L

    I'm here with my fur baby that's enough responsibility for me (dog not cat..)
  15. UNR33L

    TLX hit $1 #RampUplineaustralia