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  1. Main reasons I sold my 33 GTR was some rust problems & the po po / EPA Couldn't give that thing away.. would be different these days!
  2. I think they were wanting a joy ride, could probably tell by looking at the skyline it doesn't move. Focus I think they tried to get in to start it and go after they couldnt get in mine, oh well shit happens.
  3. $1267 repair, those amateur f**kers
  4. Took them off at lunch time as I was always going to, police reckon it was targeted and planned nothing else in the area.
  5. Subinats was good fun at the island yesterday. Did a 2.03 without 'try harding' it too much to smash my daily up. Came home late last night, in the rain decided to leave sponsor stickers all over the car and take them off Monday.. Nek minit Monday morning some f**kers tried to get into the car, smashed the lock and scratched the shit out of the door.. fml Was it the 'racecar' like stickers? or was it going to happen anyway? car left on the street because i'm at the parents place (it has been since I moved back home) I'd like to avoid insurance but if the door needs to be resprayed 😕 On the bright side at least I still have the car and they didn't get in, they got into the Mrs Focus ST without any damage what so ever.. all her shit was rummaged through inside the car They avoided the rusted, unlocked R33 GTST on the side of the house too
  6. one day ill resurrect my brothers GTST rotting outside the parents house it's gathering custom rust paint job atm
  7. We're paying a bit to cover our food / elec costs but thats about it. It's okay, but the plan was to always move out again after 6 months (for our sanity)
  8. Yeah considering it, Furntree Gully seems okay for the $ too Hard to find a place that ticks most of the boxes in general too, still early days tho. Also amazing how fast you can save $$ when living back with the parents, even though its really annoying.
  9. Started to look at houses to buy with the other half, the realization is real that you need to spend like 800k to get something remotely decent around the Wantirna / Bayswater / Rowville / Scoresby areas. 650-700 will get you a very average (to put it politely) house in Boronia scattered with cats during the open for inspection LOL I guess not much has changed since I got my little Clayton unit back in 2014 Waiting for the banks to tell us to f**k off anyway though. 😿
  10. haha. speaking of, 30 in two weeks - not a millionaire feeling old af if I'm 30, Hamish must be like 65 now
  11. Who's VWL share tip offs are giving you the best return? 😛
  12. Was wondering if you still had them Yeah they're going pretty good, who knows what the future holds.
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