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  1. Yeah I've had the "we're open but cant see you till after lockdown" and the "even after lockdown we are 2-3 months behind"
  2. Loving the VAG, so refined. Perfect daily.
  3. Sold it just wanted a change, miss it though for sure. Took advantage of dat used market. Working at car dealerships so seeing all the nice Audis come in tempted me away from the jap stuff for now. Got an R33 again now for shenanigans, whats a good performance shop these days to make my R33 fast?
  4. Come join the Audi train, the VAG I daily an A5, nice place to be
  5. Haven't you still got your S14? fix up that bad boy
  6. Laiths old car Yeah a lot of them are rotting on carsales/facebook wanting too much.
  7. So I bought an r33 gtst project Needs a few parts for rwc and some lovin' but will make it great again, eventually.
  8. Just do motorkhana in the dirt then
  9. On that note our new joint has 870m2 with a long driveway decent front and back yard - there'll definitely be some mini bike shenanigans
  10. do it how much would a concrete pour cost and to do all the legal subdivision?
  11. Still got it, renting it out Rent needs to go up a bit tho, everyone tells me too cheap (380 / week atm) Prob could get 400 fairly easily but i'll go 390 at end of the year I did draw 70k out of it to help with the new place though, used the equity can draw upto 80% of value
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