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  1. Just do motorkhana in the dirt then
  2. On that note our new joint has 870m2 with a long driveway decent front and back yard - there'll definitely be some mini bike shenanigans
  3. do it how much would a concrete pour cost and to do all the legal subdivision?
  4. Still got it, renting it out Rent needs to go up a bit tho, everyone tells me too cheap (380 / week atm) Prob could get 400 fairly easily but i'll go 390 at end of the year I did draw 70k out of it to help with the new place though, used the equity can draw upto 80% of value
  5. Ended up getting approved on Friday, a day late on the contract date but all good in the end. At least I'll get my Saturdays back now
  6. Similar feels with my STI, driven in anger its amazing, on track through the corner makes me her bitch and says back "is that all you got?" Also since I put MCA Reds on I thought it wouldn't make much difference, thinking stock STI suspension would be pretty good - boy I was wrong! thing is like a gokart after MCA reds. Trying to buy a house, got conditional approval but lender taking ages to give us formal approval and might miss contract end date, conveyancer asked for 1 week extension but owner declined - pretty frustrating! Basically not budging on 2 weeks finance so we have until tomorrow. Lender business manager cant escalate because its 'within SLA' and on the pile of final stage approvals.
  7. Didnt realize they were that cheap, awesome value for money
  8. I'd buy an mx5 for a 'project car' like to learn how to turbo charge a car, work on yourself, track. Perfect if they're 25 years old too. Can't have the daily off the road, so perfect weekend cruiser and cheap all round project = mx5 A cheap old WRX would be a close 2nd place, the only problem being not able to club rego them yet. 90s Nissans got dat dere Nissan tax now.
  9. Q60 kind of looks like a Supra I wonder when R35 GTRs will hit the 40-50k mark, might be worth buying then if the previous generations are anything to go off.
  10. eh screwed them off & looking at another looks like prices are starting to go back up a bit too from what I've seen at least anyway, been looking for the past 6 months really. one joint we looked at in Rowville smashed through the reserve and went for 953k ? your basic bitch single story double garage family home
  11. Got to laugh when you put an offer on a house, 3rd week into their campaign, get told no basically (not far off their price). House still for sale 2+ months later, two advertised inspections every week - some owners are just dreaming. The realestate agents will never admit it though.
  12. I'm still spamming VWL to hit 10k
  13. The forum was banging in the 00s
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