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  1. No 5w20, rip
  2. Meh that GTR was f**ked and back up for sale within 6 months after I sold it to old mate in SA Had to get the guards patched up to sell because of the rust coming through.. yes I was 20 and stupid when I bought it
  3. So glad I sold in June at it's highest Lowest it's been since the initial ramp up..
  4. Shoot me the details of the good mob?
  5. That sounds like a good plan actually, the fact they have all the blankets n shit and if there's any issues i'm sure it's all insured. I'd probably still move a lot of my own small shit in the car - assuming those guys just do the big items? or is it just whatever? Yeah I'll be renting my place out, probably get 2 Monash uni students in there or something. Places we are looking is slightly more convenient but more the fact we won't be paying 2 sets of bills, so we'll both save around 5-10k each a year than the current living situation. My joint is too far from her work & no back yard for her dog too, that's another reason. My bonus is I'll get a double garage now
  6. How much that cost for getting someone else to do it anyway? cbf moving but would be better off doing it
  7. All you kents that have moved house with a lot of shit, how do you do it? looking at moving the next month or two into a rental.. hire a thrifty truck? Man I'm scared dat dere 70" TV gonna smash
  8. They're not bad, probably worth a test drive although I reckon I'd still have a Focus RS over that At this rate my car won't sell till next year anyways
  9. Flash tuned mine the other day #moderntechnology #apexipowerFC #handcontroller #greenscreen
  10. Get a GTR they gettin cheap https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-GT-R-2009/SSE-AD-4950758/?Cr=0
  11. Selling or expired ads? lol
  12. Yeah that wont sell for that amount of doll hairs.
  13. Still have some test driving to do once I sell my car, some guy meant to be coming around tonight to view my car for the 2nd time so we'll see. I like the Focus RS + scoobies, Audi S3, Merc too but too much $$ Scrap that, guy messaged me and said he wants a car that hasn't been modified at all (my car just has an exhaust & tint basically..) back to square one again So out of 5 guys I've had look, 4 said too modified yet it's all stated in the ad with pictures. People are pretty dumb
  14. True there's a lot in the series but that's just like a car having options that are better but cost more. WRX, WRX Premium, WRX Spec R, WRX STI, WRX STI Premium, WRX STI Spec R etc.
  15. It's still a big deal, hell since you got your card 5 years ago there's only been 2 releases (Your 770 > 9xx series > 10xx series) yes they missed the 800 series. I only just went from old trusty 780ti > 1070GTX last year & still run a 5 year old intel cpu, the only reason to get a newer card these days is if you're running a 4k or 1440p monitor, if you're running a 1080p a potato will suffice. /nerdlinesaustralia