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  1. Anyone been playing WoW Classic?
  2. Q60 kind of looks like a Supra I wonder when R35 GTRs will hit the 40-50k mark, might be worth buying then if the previous generations are anything to go off.
  3. eh screwed them off & looking at another looks like prices are starting to go back up a bit too from what I've seen at least anyway, been looking for the past 6 months really. one joint we looked at in Rowville smashed through the reserve and went for 953k 😮 your basic bitch single story double garage family home
  4. Got to laugh when you put an offer on a house, 3rd week into their campaign, get told no basically (not far off their price). House still for sale 2+ months later, two advertised inspections every week - some owners are just dreaming. The realestate agents will never admit it though.
  5. I'm still spamming VWL to hit 10k
  6. The forum was banging in the 00s
  7. I think the answer here is, shop around. Dang shoulda bought some AMD shares.
  8. I use RACV for insurance, they're best bang for buck i've found
  9. Taking equity out on my house to buy a TT Supra is a good investment, right? In all seriousness, if you could buy a cool weekender / club rego car that you think will go up in value instead of down, what would it be? Best of both worlds then, doesn't cost much to have, enjoy it then sell in 10, 20, 30 years to make a buck. FD RX7s seem to be the last 'cool' 90s JDM car that isn't crazy expensive now?
  10. I forgot you had a GTR that's how long it's been 😛
  11. Main reasons I sold my 33 GTR was some rust problems & the po po / EPA Couldn't give that thing away.. would be different these days!
  12. I think they were wanting a joy ride, could probably tell by looking at the skyline it doesn't move. Focus I think they tried to get in to start it and go after they couldnt get in mine, oh well shit happens.
  13. $1267 repair, those amateur f**kers
  14. Took them off at lunch time as I was always going to, police reckon it was targeted and planned nothing else in the area.
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