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  1. UNR33L

    Yeah says hi boost setting 460kws maybe that's engine KW? not sure but I'd be wanting full proof and receipts with that car Guy I've got on facebook just got an 07' Supercharged Lotus I think it cost him about 60k Looks cool but wouldn't be very practical hah
  2. UNR33L

    Whats not legit? the low KMs I guess? In the market for 34 GTR?
  3. UNR33L

    Got a colleague heading up to Bathurst Wednesday.. jealous as. Grand Final.. oh well win some loose some at least we stopped the Tigers Oh and Fridays track day went well. bit wet on and off but the Subi handled the wet pretty well that's for sure. Brakes seemed to handle it, did plenty of warm down laps during the session to look after them
  4. UNR33L

    Two fairly one sided Semi's eh.
  5. UNR33L

    Hot Pies ❤️
  6. UNR33L

    I go the footlong, never eat breakfast though. (Nohomo)
  7. UNR33L

    Birds is just thirsty
  8. UNR33L

    Slightly related, would love to own a mint condition Supra one day. Too bad the prices are doing R34GTR things
  9. UNR33L

    Americans do love their power
  10. UNR33L

    That's exactly what I've already got haha, the G920 is good budget wheel but really lacks the 'spin back' when you try drifting etc. You look at some of these Fanatec wheels and they behave exactly like a real car wheel would. What I have: What I need!
  11. UNR33L

    any of you guys into racing sims? thinking of upgrading my rig but not sure where to start.. looked at the fanatec website and some of those wheel bases are $2k alone 😮
  12. UNR33L

    spill the beans also congrats on 40k posts lol
  13. UNR33L

    Also why am I seeing Ukrainian single ladies ads on SAU (I'm at work) haha. Simon you been makin' some deals? 😛 or has someone been browsing on my work computer 😮
  14. UNR33L

    Went to that JDM picnic car show thing at Heidelberg the other day, was a decent turnout a lot of cars and variety. It was no R34 GTR + TE37 only meet though. (feat. security guard)
  15. UNR33L

    What do you mean 'when' Jokes. Never will.