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  1. It'll be 47mins tomorrow
  2. Put a old go pro in, turn off the recording red light and face it toward the driver door point out the window from suction cap and plug it in to the car to charge it when you drive, replace SD card every few days to clear it. Catch their face = win?
  3. dat low blow doe the amount of crypto sooks that made a facebook status 3 months ago saying they would have X money if they didn't sell best thing it's done for me was when a mate was ~50k up one night decided to buy me a heap of drinks at the bar we were at.. #nohomo I prefer to waste my money on depreciating assets (new cars).
  4. Installed a firewall behind a 400/400mbps internet connection today.. was froffing Wonder if they'd notice me installing a PLEX server for streaming media to all my family and friends
  5. I've got a MFD now, can i join?
  6. Can I bring my STI?
  7. Haha true but lets be honest it's a boy racer car after all
  8. FWD performance makes sense upto a certain power level I guess, I mean if you are just using on the street its fine I guess too, unless you're Birds and feel the need to race every set of lights Basically looks like what Simon posted except with the better looking rims that we get in Aus and no weird pin stripe. The yellow / blue / red all come with accents inside on the Recaros so kind of make them the "go to" colours, if you go white silver etc. you just get fairly boring grey interior.
  9. Yeah they are nice but Mrs didn't like em
  10. You get a car, you get a car, you get a car! I dunno I think she was mad jelly after I got a freshie she wanted one too To be fair she was due, her old one had 0 features, not even bluetooth, slow AF too. (Inb4 my R33 doesn't have bluetooth but i wired up a hecktick headunit etc) Also fun fact, the colour she chose was called "Tangerine Scream" (It's yellow)
  11. Speaking of cars, went car shopping with the Mrs on the weekend.. she ended up buying a brand new Focus ST they're actually pretty mad value for money. 184kw and feels like good power through the whole rev range. 20k cheaper than a Focus RS, but doesn't 'feel' 20k cheaper. I guess you're paying for the 4wd and brembos on the RS oh and more power. Anyone wanna buy a Toyota Yaris with 210,000kms?
  12. Pretty much the only time I'd give someone a go in the STI is in the wet #playtoadvantages
  13. Which suburb brah? congrats 3 car garage must of been hard to find!
  14. It's pretty tempting to mine on all the servers I manage throughout australia
  15. I use FB for events.. good for that And yeah insta for dem pics of babes n bikes