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  1. Surprised it was RACV, I've had pretty decent experience with them in the past. House/Bikes/Cars all through them
  2. My money is on AAMI
  3. city road
  4. Had to do some work in the city yesterday, got back to the car at 3:35pm to find it towed and could see it down the road.. RIP $405 (Glad it was the work car and not my STI at least) Expensive 5 minutes (turned to clearway at 3:30pm)
  5. What happened man?
  6. I was just using the words provided ebrake
  7. It was a great success, the ebrake is normal old school style. DIY ramps worked like a champ
  8. Wondering if the 4wd system will just shoot them under the car.. hrmm we'll see, maybe ill just lock the diff when I go up .
  9. That's how they getchya! Made some DIY wood car ramps to make installing front lip easy tonight - winning! inb4 dead
  10. I wonder if we will be talking about 88e in 2019
  11. On another note, just bought a genuine WRX / STI cargo tray so I stop destroying the carpet with dirt bike gear.. Decided to go dirt riding today of all days, was not a wise decision.
  12. what are you using 660 acres for?
  13. Yeah makes it tempting to move state if you can find a decent enough F/T job and not care about leaving Melbourne behind.. could get a pimping place if you took a few hundred K with you. Look at Dandenong/Hallam/Noble park etc as well.. once cheap and nasty.. now $$$. My mate just got a 3 bedroom townhouse for over 600k! The rental I'm staying in Vermont 3 bedroom townhouse as well, they are selling it wanted 900+.. went to auction last Saturday, bidding started at 800k.. not one bid, now dealing with even more annoying opens. FML
  14. I need to get to Japan.
  15. Was checking out Unit prices where I bought 3-4 years ago (Clayton) now that I don't get around the area anymore, soo surprising what similar places are going for now tempting as to sell would easily be around 200k in the pocket after deducting the remaining mortgage & selling costs.. Considering it to then use as a deposit for building / buying our own 'proper', "forever" house.. but still like that it's a nest egg, I guess we could use the equity of it to borrow on? is that a stupid idea?