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  1. lol - already got the pool mate Its D day....... consumed with this..... Pass the albins off now - and slide over to Samsonas.... or stay with Albins..... Thanks for the recommendation Brett....... for me the big thing is how easy Jason is to deal with - and how quick he responds / communicates with me.... that gives me confidence in the event of any issues.......
  2. Thanks Ben As far as a Quaife sequential - that's what I had previously - never again.
  3. Time for a update. Sadly - trying to buy the best box money could buy has turned out to be another drama. Still don't have all the items I need to install the box - this is now just ridiculous. Going on 8 months - and cant install the box they sent me as items are missing from the package that I PAID for ! Linkage bar, adapter to fit shifter and strain gauge all MIA. Abducted by aliens it appears .. I have sat silent and said nothing this whole time - patiently waiting .. and nothing has happened... I am so over this Albins box - and parties involved. Question I put to my fellow SAU'ers is this. I have a buyer for my Albins - I can just move this box on and forget about the whole nightmare of trying to own an Albins - and order a Samsonas. I spoke with them yesterday - they were sympathetic to my situation and were keen to help - but I'm looking at 5 months wait (which for some reason doesn't even seem that bad considering how long I have waited for the Albins). Let this be a lesson to anyone looking to buy a new sequential - don't make my mistake. Is really a shame what has become of this - you spend top dollar expecting the best product, service, etc - and just get nothing. What you think boys - wait it out - or f*ckem and move onto Samsonas? Opinions? Dan
  4. They definitely not the best looking turbo. but I'm hoping the response and drive will help me over it
  5. Mate - why did you bother with that Muppet. Sorry to hear - but we all honestly knew this was going to be the case. Not saying it wont be a good product in the end - only time will tell - but its fair to say he is full of sh*t. Hope it works out Ewan - really do.
  6. Tuesday this week saw the gearbox finally arrive! The shifter assembly is currently being anodised at PRP - and show be on its way tomorrow. New OS Giken R4C quad plate clutch is on it way from Japan and should be here next week. New Haltech Elite 2500 purchased. EFR 8474 is currently being sourced. All going together mid next month..... should be a responsive street monster
  7. TRUST T78-33D Turbine Kit TRUST Exhaust Manifold TRUST Racing Westgate TRUST Dump pipe TRUST Intake pipe / including HKS filter TRUST Heat Shield *all in fantastic condition / no issues. Selling due to engine bay refresh/upgrade. *currently still in car - can be removed anytime. $3000
  8. After much wait..... still don't have it but getting there!
  9. With the gearbox and ECU now imminent - I'm thinking I might do the hot side at the same time. I'm no expert in this area - so please excuse my ignorance. I'm currently around 500kw at the wheels (2.7L, T76, Trust manifold, Trust dump, External gate etc). I would like to make a little more power - but have it come on earlier. is that possible? So my question - what setup do I want hot side to complainant the 2.7L / Albins? I appreciate feedback and any recommendations. Thanks D
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