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  1. Same experience as Moray - when I spoke to Holinger couple months ago - helical only. Not sure why that is now - as I'm sure you could get them in straight cut years ago. I went with the new Albins ST6-LP - i believe its the only one with a internal oil pump.!
  2. Appreciate the feedback mate. Yeah I agree.
  3. Guys Would love to hear your opinions - and some suggestions. GTR problems I am going to put a motec c127 or haltec ic7 display in - on some sort dash mount (currently looking for options - if you know of any I would appreciate your suggestions). As my gear selection, exh temp, etc will all be visible on the new dash - I have removed my additional gauges. The Nismo White face dash cluster - plan store it away so I can always put back down the track. In doing so - do I remove the Nismo White face 3 gauge cluster in the center console? Put a double din digital media player/sat nav / etc in console - or would it be sacrilege to remove the centre 3 gauges? Like when I see a R34 GTR missing the MFD - just doesn't look quite right. I'm thinking it needs to stay..... I appreciate the insignificance of my dilema to most - but only a GTR owner would understand 😉 😂
  4. Thanks mate. Geez demanding much! lol
  5. Suspension question. My new wheels will require some small camber at the front. I want to get a some upper and lower arms - front and rear maybe. I'm after something high quality - can anyone suggest product / shop? Thanks in advance.
  6. Proper Farked! 😉 lol bloody gearboxes
  7. maybe.... I am going to look more into the colour dash options now that Moray has shown us his dash!
  8. That is awesome ------ I WANT!
  9. The IC7 looks like crap. I prefer the IQ3 to the IC7.
  10. Probably just the Haltech IQ3 as I'm going Haltech. Its not a priority though - I love your colour dash - absolutely awesome!
  11. Im on it Benny - doing box, ecu (think Ill do the digital dash at same time)! Then next step will be turbo and engine update.
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