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  1. Well its been a while. GTR is still off the road - hasn't moved in the last 15 months. Gearbox is back with all new parts - but the shop was unable to re-assemble it correctly - so box is now sitting next to my car in the garage awaiting my next move. Not sure whether I spend more money to have the box re-assembled - or just hold off and get a new PPG or Holinger........ or do I just sell the car and move on. Owning a big HP GTR is a emotional experience In the mean time - to help with my depression - I bought a new daily........
  2. Just bought a MY16 STI last week as a daily - Love it - good luck with the sale.
  4. vic 

    Hey Steve Love your car - I have been looking at this for weeks - timing not right for me otherwise I would be very interested. Good luck with it - amazing car priced very very well.
  5. Bakemono You still haven't got one?????
  6. Nismo Oil Cooler Ducting for BNCR33 Series 3
  7. not sure about brakes - but struts is YES.
  8. He's come down 20k over the weekend and updated the add.... Only 80k now
  9. I know he's dreaming.
  10. Check this out - prices have further skyrocketed .... this guy believes so What do you
  11. It certainly does. Quaife - Holy Sh*t what a experience !!! So as above I bit the bullet and ordered all the parts I needed - this was late Jan/early Feb. Couple minor items were on the shelf - but gears, selectors, new input shaft (they said they had a updated better version so I ordered that as well) would need to be made - as its not a production box anymore - I would have to wait for them to do between regular production. Here we are 10 months later - still nothing! Been told for last couple months my stuff was ready - but I've seen nothing! Not sure its if Quaife or there agent we're dealing with in NZ who arranged it all - or a combination of both! Im just really now starting to want to drive the car again - so its really starting to get to me......... Once the box is back together (hopefully ) - I will order all new gears 1 - 6 , some selectors, another input shaft and put them away - that way I have a rebuild kit for later / spares on hand. Eventually one day - Holinger... but for now I'm sticking to the Quaife (Greddy) - if they ever come through .... Dan
  12. SOLD......... to the man in New Zealand. Thanks Matt. Dan
  13. Awesome effort mate. Monday was a public holiday over here in the West and I spent some of the day reading through your thread again from start to finish. Your honestly and openness in your results and parts choices etc - well done mate and a big thanks. You have convinced me to move my ass and get moving on updating my setup Awesome thread and car - can we get some updated pics of the whole car.... Dan