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  1. Hey Gave the GTR a wash and wax - here's a couple pics....
  2. Yeah, its farken scary on boost - and I forgot how much I loved the sound of the gate! Back terrorising the streets I'll get some new pics/vids shortly and get them up
  3. Well, I picked it up last night HFS!
  4. Hey The car went on the dyno Monday - to test AFR to ensure injectors and fuel pumps we're all ok after the long sit with E85. Discovered one of the O44's at the surge take was dead - so decided to replace both of them with brand new items. The new fuel pumps arrived yesterday morning - were fitted and back on the dyno. On the dyno again - now with the fuel flowing strong - hit another small snag - the boost dropping off up high. Some investigation found that the boost was going to high (hitting 29/30psi) and the controller was engaging safe mode. It was originally tuned at a safe 27psi. Some adjustments were made and back at 27psi she sat. Boo-ya - the monster is alive again!!!!! Apparently, the new ARC 4" titanium sounds awesome ! The tune is too rich up top - I'm told that there's quite a bit more in it with some tuning. So I've decided to upgrade to the Haltech Elite! The car is still at the shop - still waiting on some fittings which seem to be taking forever to arrive - but hoping to pick it up late today or tomorrow. Dan
  5. Awesome job mate - love the colour of your intake plenum
  6. Thanks mate Got a call late yesterday arvo - everything has gone very smoothly so far - all that's left to do is fill it with fresh E85, get it started and put it on the dyno to check the fuel pumps and injectors - this will happen first thing Monday morning. Fingers crossed all goes well - and if so - will have it back and on the road some time later Monday. Here she is nearly ready....
  7. Love it Damian - any more pics - any engine bay? Still has the Holinger?
  8. Hey Damian Feel free to PM me if you want some feedback. I went to C-Red, Galvsport, Garage 101 and a couple of other places in search of a workshop. So excited at the thought of having my car back on the road after so long........
  9. Hey Damian Well regarding which shop - this was an interesting experience. I went and met with four prominent workshops here in Perth - was set to go to your shop of choice (as mentioned in your build thread - I won't name it) but after being dicked around - went with C-Red. Mark was by far the best shop owner that I dealt with - he was very open and honest, very approachable and was quick in getting back to me to answer my questions etc. In the end - it was a simple choice. I have given C-Red the opportunity - if they do a great job on the car - and continue with their great customer service and reliability as provided to date - C-Red will be my workshop going forward. Have already begun discussing next stage - new ecu, etc. So time will tell. Dan
  10. Update. Today saw a huge milestone - the car has been removed from the garage - where it has sat for the last 26 months and delivered to the workshop shop. Hoping to have it back by end of the week. D
  11. Update Last Tuesday I got the gearbox installed backed into the car - and spent the last few nights in the garage finishing a few things off - like installing a new battery. Decided I will now drop the car off to a workshop to do all oils (engine, diffs, coolant, transfer, gearbox), fabricate my Trust dump flange to my ARC 4" Titanium exhaust, new breather hoses, and fittings, and some other minor finishes I want doing. Visited a few workshops last week and had had some conversations - pretty much decided on the shop I want to use - so now just waiting for their call back....... hoping to have it at the shop late this week - so close very close now. A couple snaps under the car while installing box .....
  12. Well Done Benny! Your patience has paid off to the highest level - so hard to get top quality GTRs now - and those who have the special ones rarely sell 😉 Really happy for you mate - looking forward to seeing / reading more - following your thread with great interest - please keep us posted..... and there is no such thing as to many pictures....... so get them up! Congrats again mate. Dan
  13. Box is fixed - working like a dream on the bench. Will get it home now and put it back in, at the same time have some fab work done to connect the dump pipe to the titanium exhaust. Had the oil collector modified by cutting off the bungs and replacing with fittings and power coating - so will needs some new breather lines made and installed. And a couple other little things ...... Now to decide on a workshop! This is my other nightmare! Anyway end appears to be in sight ;)
  14. Well its been a while. Without going into to much detail - after waiting nearly a year to get my box back - got it back in non - working order! Was so farken over all the delaying, bullshit, lying etc - just put it all aside while calmed down and had a think about my next move - was sooo over it all. Came closing to selling the car as I was so pissed with the ordeal. In the end I ended up packing the box up and shipping it to PerfOURmance Motorsport in Brisbane. Should have just farken done that to start with - live and learn. After receiving the box and stripping it - they found the issue immediately - plus a handful of other "not right" things...... Gearbox was not assembled correctly / poor dodgy workmanship / clueless muppets - contributed to new parts that were bent and not aligning properly, items where welded that shouldn't have been, etc, etc Just big time consuming expensive mess. So had to re-order some parts, to replaced the farked new ones I had already ordered and previously waited for - as well as other items that PerfOURmance suggested I update. So basically lost a year in time and a bunch of $ on new parts to replace the new parts I had already ordered but were farked by the first muppet in his attempt to assemble the box.......😭😭😭 So now box is nearly ready - hopefully shipping back to Perth next week......... so close now. Car has now been off the road for 2 years due to this sh*t - but the end is near. Big lesson learnt............ Pics to follow......
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