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  1. Thanks alot for your feedback Umair PPG being a Australian product makes me lean more that way. Has anyone on here actually installed a Samsonas - whats the ball park cost the box?
  2. I am currently looking to change my box in my R33 GTR . I currently have a Quaife (Trust) 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox (dog engagements / straight cut gears). It was in the car when I bought it in Japan. What I can tell you from personal experience - don't get one. I had it rebuilt with new parts from Quaife and its still not great. So instead of wasting more money on it - I'm looking for a replacement. Car is not tracked - rarely driven - but when it is it's street driven only - making about 510kw at the wheels. I'm looking for another 6 speed sequential - straight cut / dog engagement box - as I just love the noise and its not daily driven. From the few conversations I've had - I'm being told the PPG is the way to go over the Hollinger. I'm told that the more expensive Hollinger is still the same design it was many moons ago and PPG taken great lengths to improve their design and box. My budget is around the 20k mark - so that make PPG more attractive from that perspective. Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys Dan
  3. Yeah I love it - cars done 1173km in 5 years - so its not daily driven - but I'm with you - would be tough on a daily.
  4. Hey Grim Thanks for your comments - I've forgotten the exact model/details but I will look for you tonight and let you know. Dan
  5. Thanks for the tip - will do.
  6. The sounds of the GTR IMG_1132.MOV
  7. Of course - haven't been around much lately - got some work stuff I'm dealing with - but I'm subscribed to your thread as I love the car..... I'll be posting soon - have a potential project in the garage (car that I imported when I got mine for a guy that has come back to me) Can't keep both ... so we'll see what happens....
  8. Hey Gave the GTR a wash and wax - here's a couple pics....
  9. Yeah, its farken scary on boost - and I forgot how much I loved the sound of the gate! Back terrorising the streets I'll get some new pics/vids shortly and get them up
  10. Well, I picked it up last night HFS!
  11. Hey The car went on the dyno Monday - to test AFR to ensure injectors and fuel pumps we're all ok after the long sit with E85. Discovered one of the O44's at the surge take was dead - so decided to replace both of them with brand new items. The new fuel pumps arrived yesterday morning - were fitted and back on the dyno. On the dyno again - now with the fuel flowing strong - hit another small snag - the boost dropping off up high. Some investigation found that the boost was going to high (hitting 29/30psi) and the controller was engaging safe mode. It was originally tuned at a safe 27psi. Some adjustments were made and back at 27psi she sat. Boo-ya - the monster is alive again!!!!! Apparently, the new ARC 4" titanium sounds awesome ! The tune is too rich up top - I'm told that there's quite a bit more in it with some tuning. So I've decided to upgrade to the Haltech Elite! The car is still at the shop - still waiting on some fittings which seem to be taking forever to arrive - but hoping to pick it up late today or tomorrow. Dan
  12. Awesome job mate - love the colour of your intake plenum
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