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  1. TRUST T78-33D Turbine Kit TRUST Exhaust Manifold TRUST Racing Westgate TRUST Dump pipe TRUST Intake pipe / including HKS filter TRUST Heat Shield *all in fantastic condition / no issues. Selling due to engine bay refresh/upgrade. *currently still in car - can be removed anytime. $3000
  2. After much wait..... still don't have it but getting there!
  3. With the gearbox and ECU now imminent - I'm thinking I might do the hot side at the same time. I'm no expert in this area - so please excuse my ignorance. I'm currently around 500kw at the wheels (2.7L, T76, Trust manifold, Trust dump, External gate etc). I would like to make a little more power - but have it come on earlier. is that possible? So my question - what setup do I want hot side to complainant the 2.7L / Albins? I appreciate feedback and any recommendations. Thanks D
  4. Arrived today - my personalised glove box wallet from JL Design & Fab ! Very nice quality.
  5. There was 8 boxes in this order - Im told I was no 5.
  6. Albins makes the case - they send to Platinum - they anodize and send back for gear set to be installed.
  7. Case on its way for Anodizing and things are moving. At end of the day - do I really need a Albins, Samsonas, Hollinger etc? No. Car has never seen a track day, drags, etc. Occasional street driving, cruzin, etc - and back in the garage. Its way over kill for what I will ever need - but - hoping I will never have box issues again (at least not for a very long time). I am setting up the internal oiling system on the Albins to run to a rear diff cooler (Z Tune style).... again huge overkill for me - but fark it will be functional and look amazing. I have also slightly tweaked the shifter /strain gauge setup/look to what's offered standard. Adding a new Motec ecu and c1212 dash etc. when the box goes in. (thanks to Moray). Ill just chill and wait - I'm sure this box will be more than I ever expected or needed! Its a investment (that's what I tell myself so I don't cry) Dan
  8. Good luck mate. As I'm in Perth I wasn't willing to take the risk. I really hope it works out for you.
  9. Im looking into it now mate.. waiting to hear back from my workshop.
  10. lol I was going to post that yesterday when I saw Speedtek mentioned - but held my tongue! 😄😄😄 I was about to send my Trust Box to him mid year - but was warned by a SAU member - and didn't risk it in the end. I hope it works out your you Ewan - I really do.
  11. Thanks Christian.... I'm having an R34 GTR wheel done at the moment as well - a man needs options!
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