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  1. Morning guys, Been a long time since ive been on here good to see the forum is still going! I have S2 GTST that ive had for 15+ years and i just want to pick youre brains about who will re-tune my ecu. Its been running sweet as since last tune 12 years ago at CRD but im about to do some mods and wont be outlaying the $$ on a haltech till the end of next year. The question is who will still tune my Dinosaur GTS link ecu from the early 2000's ? BTW: Yes i know its shit and old but i dont care just need to find a current tuner that will do it. JEM dont really want to touch it & neither do unigroup really from when i have asked them previously. Has anyone still got this shit ECU and know who will retune it for me? The car has all supporting mods and makes good power already but i will be putting at Gen2 Low mount on it and want to have it running on mild boost until end of next year when the haltech comes along. I am in western sydney & appreciate any help. Many thanks, Billy
  2. I have had this set for 10 years just sitting around now not on my car so need them gone. GENUINE R32 GTR 16x8 $800ono Tyres not too bad, one has wear on the outer edge, tread not too bad. 2 tyres are Kumho ecstars. Rims in hood condition Pick up St Clair. Mobile 0403 682 190 No swaps or low ballers I am not on this site ever so dont bother commenting just text or call cheers
  3. Hi mate by any chance is your r31 still available ?
  4. Hey guys, It's been a few years since I posted photos of my car. Went for a good run a few days ago and took some photos.
  5. Best bet no matter what anybody tells you is to get a report on the car through www.stateroads.com.au
  6. hey guys, might come from western sydney and see you guys when you get there, beautiful spot.
  7. These Mps 6 are advertised for $15-19k on Carsales I think you might need to drop the price.. Just saying
  8. Yeh good turnout good to see, some gorgeous dattos on show
  9. Yeh yeh relax Rambo I didn't list that by mistake . Penrith NSW. Price $500
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