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  1. what time are we due at the raceway.
  2. JDM WHEEL SALE Wheels to suit GTR and rear wheel drive All wheels available pickup Ipswich and are in excellent condition unless otherwise described Contact number: 0413 863 207 Set 1 Dronell to suit GTR 5 spoke 19x10 +20 offset – Tyres average $1250 the set Set 2 Suit most rear wheel drive Nissans and others Genuine Tommy Kaira 17x8 +22 and 17x9 +25 Wheels have a few small marks but overall very good condition Tyres are fair to poor $750 the set Set 3 Works Rivers 18x8 +35 and 18x9 +38 Good condition with lots of tread $400 the set No cracks buckles or dents – any marks are cosmetic only
  3. I'm keen for seat time Smithy but as a more active member of the club you have dibs, If you dont want the spot i will gladly take it.
  4. give it to martin. I was only coming because you asked me.
  5. wtf has that got to do with it. the car is fine btw.
  6. Children children! you buncha one eyed bigoted closeminded snobby noseup retarded ratbags. the word "track day doesnt have its roots in circulating at speed around a race track in a car at all. Athletics have track days, horses have track days, cars have track days. What you do when on the track is your affair but it is a track day regardless. Drag racers have track days, time attackers have track days, bogans have track days, drifters have track days dirtbikers have track days, rc fans have track days. drug addicts have track days and for those old enough to remeber even swagmen have track days. Sprinters are looked down upon by door to door racers, drag racers are looked down upon by sprinters and door to door racers, burnout boofheads are looked down upon by drag racers and spring racers and door to door racers.. power cruisers are looked down upon by segments of all the above and drifters are the scum of the earth according to most. Take it from an old head. pretty much all of the above can give you an adenalin rush and make you wish you went and had that quick piss before you lined up. Drag racing is a science in its own right as is time attack and door to door racing. (similar but with some differences) power cruise is the showcase to all that is holy to the tough street car brigade. regardless of make model or country of manufacture there is true art on display at these events along with horsepower beyond imagination. To suggest that all one needs is a phat engine to be a player in that game is ignorant. the majority of the better cars are built from the ground up with a singleness of purpose to rival any found in other disciplines of motorsport. You dont know what adrenilen is until you are circulating on a track with a 100 other cars and a collective hp effort totaling may thousands. Its a sight and sensory overload regardless of what you think of the tatood mullet hangin out the window of the car beside you. Lighten up kids. dont just look over the fence and sneer, jump the bloody fence and go have a play. you may be surprised.
  7. I am inclined to agree with you Lith.I cant verify anything but other precision results were defs way better than what i was getting up unitl it shat itself. no matter, i am one happy camper now.
  8. Time for updates, Its been a bit of a journey, Ran the garret 37/88 at just under 600 hp for a while but still felt it should have made more. Did a refresh on the engine and added a crank trigger assembly plus a crg manifold and a precision 64/66. ran it to 600 hp on the dyno and the turbo siezed solid. Not happy jan. Junked the precision and went with an MTA 900. Its a whole new world. we now sit at 680 hp on 30 lb at 7200 rpm . thats enough for now but its by no means near its limit. at 30 lb the MTA is making 80 hp more than the precision at the same boost and has a much fatter curve. Will post both graphs later.
  9. have one in qld if you're stuck mike but it would be a bitch to post.
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