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  1. front and bonnet are sweet. however.. those side skirts remind me of a lego block. considering the the front is a little more rounder, the skirts seem a little out of place and excessive. IMO
  2. very nice. good all round basic mods. a package that i would want if i had a gtr. paint the P1's black
  3. personally i think 10 spokes would look great on a 34. however it all depends on the offset ya get,how they sit on the car and your budget. im a little biased as i like the look of mesh and multispke rather than the 5 spoke styles.
  4. not a fan of bolt on guards. yet to see a 32 that isnt looking like a torana slr500
  5. the wheels look really really good. the right hieght and the colour code nuts look good. i agree with the others about the mesh stuff and over done front bar. cant go wrong with factory gtst or gtr kit. IMO your car looks clean enough to eat off.
  6. wow. that looks amazing! love the light blue stiching. was that price ( a couple of hundred ) for the boots as well? or just the wheel. thanks for the info. i will look into it.
  7. yeah tezflow. i left the window down in my garage one night and the cold air made it all crack and start to flake more and wear away. (nothing really wrong with it..just LOOKS horrible) i was thinking of getting it re-covered. but then that means i cant drive the car until it gets re-covered. unless i buy another temp steering wheel. anyone recommendany places, prices???? i was looking at my step dads 07 nivara 4x4 wheel.. i might have to convice him to go aftermarket... but seriously, if anyone has a spare r33 airbag wheel they want to palm off (or non airbag.. i might be intrested). PM me!! not really looking at spending like 200 or 300 just for a second hand wheel, so if anyones feeling generous..lemme know
  8. she looks pretty. nice ass car there
  9. Looks wise, providing the engines are in the same condition, look similar but each model recieves updated parts. So i guess yes, its the same block, but they recieve new better, and bigger parts in what the JAPs thought would improve the newer models. which it has. Im no expert by any means. Im sure someone will know on here all the different updates however a search on the forum may help you
  10. jake33

    R32 With 19's

    nice.. all those 32s with 19s look real good.
  11. i agree with you about changing the shape and model of cars. every car manufacturer does it. by 'timeless design' i was more refering to the shape and model of most falcodores, after new models and series come out the the previous become a little boring and dull. in my opinion anyway i guess an example for me: seeing an EL XR8 falcon i personally would not think anything of it or even look twice. however if i saw a 32 gtr or a an oldskool rx7, cars like that to me are cars that i would want to own, be more interested in and still have that shape and stigma. everyones opions diff though.. time will tell anyway. im sure Wheels mag or Motor will do a VE and FG battle. they love that shit
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