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  1. I agree it's not worth speding up big. I am about to get a justjap fmic. I am curious about the difference between bar-plate and tube-fin... any thoughts?
  2. Did you say a RB25/30 hybrid? The photo of the engine bay that follows your comment shows 30 on the head and 26 on the cam gear cover. So what combination have you used? I'm looking at a single turbo 30 block under 26 head in my 32. How much work was involved in yours? BTW, regarding the comments on spending money on looks - as unique as 2GU UP looks, its a fairly simple and modest example of what is basically a GTR. It has a nice wide body, five spoke rims and a sweet paint job. No ridiculous bodykits, wings or any other glitter has been used: http://www.john-eva.co.uk/Images/nissan_sk...tr_by_roobi.jpg Meanwhile its not slow! I would call spending $13,500 on lightening a whole car an extravagent expense. I think if anything the modestly modified exterior is slightest dishonest in hiding the true potential of the motor and suspension. Any thoughts?
  3. The rims probably are the current weakest link. Do you have any pictures of the rims you are replacing them with? The new spray sounds good, when is that being done?
  4. Yeh that is it. Thanks for helping me out guys. Does 2GU-UP compete or is it just for show?
  5. Thanks for your reply That looks a lot like it, but I can't tell from that angle. What else can you tell/show me about that car. Do you know the website? Cheers
  6. I have been looking for a skyline I saw a while back. It's picture appearred on a members post. It was a glowing red with plenty of carbon fibre. The caption read "candy+carbon+chrome" or similar words. It is basically an R32 gtst that has been completed kitted up into a GTR (bumpers, skirts, gaurds, engine, etc). I followed the members link to a website that described the build project. It is one impressive model but I now cannot find it anywhere. Please post if you know the car I am looking for Cheers
  7. Hey Matt I need an R32 gtst '92/93 m spec passenger projector headlight. Got anything for me? Cheers Royce
  8. Hey mate interested in the projector, what year did the headlight come off? Cheers Royce
  9. Hey mate I was thinking of doing that to my bonnet a while back but I couldn't figure out who to ask to do it. How did you get it done? It looks very convincing, good luck selling. free bump
  10. Hey mate Interested in the bonnet, whats the condition? I am in shoalhaven so I will find some time to come and pick it up. Thanks Royce
  11. Hey mate I might need that indicator. Do you have the headlight for that side? Cheers Royce
  12. Hey mate I wanted to private message you but your inbox was full so I must post... R32 Headlight arrived and I am very dissapointed. Due to a lack of packaging it has arrived with the lense completely broken. Although you put it in a cardboard box the glass was not protected with bubblewrap or any other protective material. Understand that glass is very fragile and requires care in packing to prevent it from smashing during post. Because it was packed improperly Australia Post will not take liability, and since you should have packed it better you will have to cover the losses. This means either refunding the money I paid you or sending me a replacement headlight off a 93 model. Please let me know what you would like to do Regards Royce
  13. Hey SK I saw a price for Chris32 at very start of thread. it was about $1200 for full set shocks/springs, is this still the going price? Also I couldn't find a price on swaybars are they available. The set is for a drift car but no one has reviewed the set on a drift level. What are the spring rates, are they good enough for drift? Thanks Royce
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