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  1. Thanks guys . After doing some research too Il be going with quickbitz. Thanks for the replies also. Those 2 mentioned are also great tuners.
  2. Hi guys, Been away from nissans for over 12yrs now and finally back into one. Iv purchased a r35 and has a few light mods, has a cobb controller with it. Being previously tuned interstate im not overly confident with the existing tune so after options of r35 tuners in Melbourne. If you have any recommendations please let me know. Many thanks
  3. Hey guys Long time since iv jumped on this forum but after a r35 gtr premium in black thats already in melb . Either adm or import registered ready to go. please send me a pm if avail. Thanks
  4. hey guys, been a very long time since iv visited this forum, have owned a xr6 turbo for a few years i think im getting the itch back for a car that handles. Will be looking to buy a r34 gtr in the near future. There are not many on carsales, whats it worth to import one now through an importer?? cheers
  5. Hey folks, former member here. Selling my new toyo tq semi slicks which are 275/40/17. Iv decided to go a full slick setup so i dont need these. They have been fitted to rims but never fitted on a car, which you will see for urself , whoever purchases them. quantity is 2 http://toyotires.com/tire/pattern/proxes-tq They retail for around the 390-410 mark EACH. Selling the pair for $450 FIRM text or call on 0433744538 tony
  6. bump. Plates are clean guys, no hooning record what so ever incase your'e skeptical
  7. not too many keen here. Plates will b on ebay Mods please close thread
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