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  1. Cheers for the reply mate. I'm guessing the re-trimmed one is still available? How much you looking for? Also , would you be happy to post to Adelaide? I'll see if I can source another one in the meantime, really wanted that set! :)
  2. Long shot, but if these are still for sale I'm interested!
  3. Didn't they go bust? They've def moved from Magill Rd, and looks like they left in a hurry...
  4. You might have a loose earth cable or something like that dude. Check all cables/link points coming from the battery. Hope its nothing too sinister!
  5. How high is your oil? Did you over fill it?
  6. Haha now i want to go, just to yell that all day. Too bad soundwave is on the same weekend!
  7. Had them replace my leaking turbo lines, thought it was gonna end up very exxy but they did it in 4 hours, replaced all the lines with braided ones, and even charged me less than i was quoted originally. Stayed and had a chat with them afterwards about injectors and tuning, top blokes and def know their stuff! Def recommended. Also a mate of mine had them finish off his exhaust on his s15.
  8. Both very good points! No driving down west for a while now then!
  9. I'm running a HKS gt2835r on my stock manifold/stock nismo injectors and pulling 240kw at the wheels. Don't quote me but i think it was a straight bolt on job.
  10. "The driver has been charged with illegal use of a motor vehicle, aggravated driving dangerously to evade police and providing false details" .... so he doesn't get charged with stealing it?
  11. Wow a red wine series 1 r33, you never see that!
  12. Spotted kitted blue 34 on sunday night on st bernards road, he gave a wave, i was was in dream land. Sorry bud! Followed R34SKY on the same road last night, sharing my frustration with sh!t peak hour traffic!
  13. Keep spotting 'BNR32' on st bernards road. Black, gold volk gtc's, car looks MINT mate!!
  14. Selling my 2005 GPX 250r. Great L Plater sports bike or even just a daily commuter. Well maintained, only done 26,000 km's, always kept undercover and never ridden in the rain. New rear tyre put on a month ago and oil change done around same time. Will also throw in luggage rack with sale of the bike. Some slight cosmetic scratches on right exhaust from previous owner. Selling due to upgrade. Feel free to pm or give me a buzz on 0411225898. Located in SA. Looking at $3,400 ono
  15. Haha i've seen that around town, looks ridiculous!
  16. Saw a dark blue 180sx put it into a stobie pole on south road friday night about 7pm. Trying to show off in front of me by flicking it sideways turning from daws road, overcorrected and lost most of his front left to the city's infrastucture. Funniest shit i'd seen in a long time!
  17. 34VSPEC booting it around Hutt Street this morning! Loving those rims!
  18. Welcome, car looks good! Where did you buy it from? Did you import from japan? Good luck trying to find parts in france lol
  19. I thought the 'olds' canned it after last years shenanigans....?
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