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  1. I have been thinking about this package for about 2 years now. I dont know why but can't convince myself to do it. I would be surprised if anyone on this forum has been on that tour. No stops at race tracks or drift events. This company may have something similar: http://www.japantravel.com.au/Tours.asp
  2. Does anyone have a phone number to call this new mob doing quicktrak? My backup battery had died, triggering the fuel pump cut off switch so I cant start the car.
  3. Yeah, I'm hoping the Yen rises to a decent level for my trip to Japan in May. Fingers crossed but I dont like my chances. Latley, it seems the Yen just follows what the US$ is doing here in Aus.
  4. Great pics mate! Good work!
  5. Have you ever been to the language section of a book shop? There you will find Japanese language books (with conversion charts ususally a the back of the book) & Japanese to English Dictionaries. Not that hard to find really...
  6. Oopps, my bad. The front doors made me think it was in Japan. Nice house anyway.
  7. Sorry to be off topic but wow, level 1! Well done!!! I hope to do Level 4 at the end of the year.
  8. I really like this photo, is this your house in Japan? If so, it’s nice to see a suburban house in Japan. All I have seen are densely packed home units in the cities. I enjoy reading the Japan thread & I hope to visit the place one day.
  9. Great pics! Really like the ones from the Tamiya Office / Museum. I hope to go there too one day... Does Kyosho have something similar?
  10. Long time reader, first time post. Great pictures there, always like seeing pictures from all you guys that live in Japan or have been there. I hope to do the same one day. By the way, what is a 2 kyu Japanese test? Is it like the Japanese proficiency test or something different?
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