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  1. Hey @Ambius, I'll be selling both my Recaro driver's seat and stock passenger seat with rails in about 5 days if you're interested. Let me know and I'll get you some further info and pictures. Cheers!
  2. 6 year dig-up here... @walkoau Were the R34 GTR and GTT airbags the same? and did it fit? Cheers!
  3. Hey all, Looking to replace the steering wheel on my manual R34 GTT. (non-tiptronic) I've been eyeing off an Alcantra/Carbon or Alcantara/Leather 34 GTR wheel for some time. Can I use an R34 GTR steering wheel on a GTT with a GTT airbag? I've searched the forums extensively but can't find a definitive answer. - They look identical. Sample Mines wheel attached. Thanks in advance!
  4. @reggiegums - Any luck mate?
  5. @reggiegums, any luck with those pictures?
  6. Sounds pretty good @reggiegums. Where are they located? Any pics? Cheers
  7. Hey all, Chasing a set of clean R34 GTR Rims with or without rubber. Please let me know if you have any! Cheers
  8. Nah, not me. I'll take a look though! Not sorted yet... Mainly due to work commitments. I'll aim to spend some time on it starting next week.
  9. Kinkstaah Unfortunately I don't have a speed sensor installed. It's coming... I have to agree, it must be pushing the limits!! KiwiRS4T, It wasn't intentional... I've now got concerns for the gearbox etc... Matter of time haha. E85 run attached. I believe the dip at 5400 would be VVT... Please correct me if I'm wrong. Unfortunately, I'm in the US and only have the 625hp/640nm run photo on me. You'll get the idea though. The final power run video is on the GT Auto FB page. As always, bugs to iron out and more mods to do. At this stage, I've planned as far as brakes and an accusump setup in the coming weeks...
  10. Gents, It's been some time since my last post. The car has been finished and it made a super responsive 625rwhp and 680nm (e85) I went with the following setup: JHH Built RB25 Neo EFR BW 7670 1.05 TS 6boost Manifold with twin gates. 2000cc Bosch Injectors Haltech Platinum Pro Hypertune Plenum + TB PWR Intercooler and Oil Cooler I can't recommend GT Auto Garage at Slacks Creek enough. Their attention to detail in both fabrication and tuning is fantastic! Still running the stock gearbox... Cheers,
  11. Second Update: Injectors are FBJC100's - Non GTR Apologies
  12. Gents, the plenum is for a Non-Turbo Neo. Even though it shows a it mounted to a turbo engine that engine must have had a non turbo head... Only found out tonight thanks to LaurelPWR. It's still available. Cheers
  13. Hey mate, I have a guy coming to collect it tonight. If that falls through for any reason I'll let you know.
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