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  1. Really in need of these, non vspec. This A-LSD is going in the fcuking bin. HELP A BROTHER OUT
  2. changed to a gtw3884r 67mm with a 1.0 rear, went 624hp at 26psi. Full trim on a soft launch went [email protected] and a 3825.05lb race weight. Yet to turn it up, twisted the rear half shafts. Fat broad minded person of a thing
  3. Polyquad is not something done lightly. On an engine that sees 7500+rpm forced, it is not necessary nor is it of any real gain given the compression rates we see as street cars. It can be beneficial, but very seldomly in a street car case. The best returns are from Port matching, a larger valve and improvements in the short turn. Pick your camshafts and powerband you want to achieve. You may need to juggle valvetrain to suit
  4. Drove the fat broad minded person at the last test and tune. Drove it out steady for a 2.0 60ft, went 11.02 at 139.4mph on a set of federal super streets (595ss) and a 3437lb weigh in. R33GTR. Got a set of radials I might throw on when I get an actual wheel alignment that's not for a hill climb ??
  5. Payed 174.9 today for f**king corn juice at United. What the actual f**k? It's a semi renewable
  6. Stock cooling system!! Also, direct feed fuel pump rewire mod Also, what dump pipes Also, ditch the LOLPEXI tetris 5000 and get a decent plug in
  7. On nankang ns2000 tyres, the really naaaaaaaaasty ones with my hillclimb alignment in the car still i went 1.6 to the 60, 7.4 to the 1/8th and 139.9 to the 1/[email protected] You have a 10 in that. Get the alignment sorted, drop your tyre pressure to 26 and try again
  8. 33GTRV

    Drag Tyres

    Brains trust, do my et street s/s in a 275 45 17 fit under an r33 gtr on stock rims? Those 245 Hoosiers, dayum they be exxy
  9. 149 mate. 140 to 144 with street suspension, 149 and as high as 151 with bone stock suspension and a good wheel alignment. The track here is very very very good to the 1/8th, one of the fastest in the southern hemisphere, which suits the datsun well. What suspension are you using?
  10. If you are under it and at 9.6/146 You are already leaving a bit behind. Great times for a streets never the less.
  11. I have a 2.8 with a .84, it's a f**king weapon on the street mate, are you racing the car? I have a conservative 500awkw and I regularly get turfed from the track even on a roll through.
  12. 6466 with a .84 got me 500kw and full boost at 3750-3850 (40psi) albiet with a modified head.
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