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  1. Thanks alot.I'll check them out. thats alot cheaper than i expected to pay. Thanks again
  2. Hi guys, not sure where i could post this, but i need some checker plate. does anybody know where i could get some. its not for my skyline but for my shop counter. Sorry guys but no one else has any idea. i need about 11m x 1.3m. Even the fake stuff. Thans heaps guys
  3. Hi guys. I've noticed that when i first start my car for the first 10 minutes of driving the engine makes a howling noise, but after a few minutes of driving it disappears. its very subtle. just wondering what it is, and if its a cause for concern. Thanks guys.
  4. Hi guys, i drive an r33 skyline. when i'm in park and i give it a rev my boost needle rises and goes up to about 2-4 pounds. just wondering if this is normal. apart from this the car drives good, just backfires a bit. THANKS GUYS
  5. Yep, thats right. it increases with RPM, not boost, i just assumed that upon throttle it increased and associatedit with boost. my bad. thanks for the replies.
  6. Hi guys just wondering what my oil pressure reading should be. It seems to go about 4/5 when the engine is started but as it warms up it decreases to about 1/4 of the way and seems to rise while the engine is in boost. is this normal? Thanks guys anyinfo would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hey thanks for the input guys. in the 0-100 test i didn't stall it up at all, and yes my mate did use a stopwatch lol. Also sometimes my car feels alot faster than other times, the autoseems to shift better or something. also do turbo's drive better in the cold?
  8. Hi guys, My 1994 R33 GTS-T is slower than what is should do. 0-100 i get about 8.5secs. This i have been told is extemely sluggish for a RB25 Turbo. Is there any reason for this. i should add that the car is immaculate with 72k on the clock and has been meticulously maintained. It is also however an auto. But upon purchasing the vehicle i thought it would be slightly quicker. any ideas on why this is, or is it just because its an auto. or is there something wrong? Thanks heaps guys
  9. Hi guys, I just want to know if there are any risks in just taking out the original airbox from my R33 gts-t and replacing it with a podfilter. someone told me this would increase performance. my question is that wouldn't it just be sucking up hot engine air, and end up doing damge to my engine. also my car is competely stock and is auto. thanks guys
  10. Hi huys, my fuel gauge constantly says its full. does anybody know why this is.is it a common problem. how can it be fixed? My mate said it could be omething like ECU or something expensive. It happened after a big thrash. THANKS GUYS
  11. Hi guys, this is a bigtime noob question but what does it mean to stall an auto off the start, for a good launch. Thanks guys
  12. Yeah i know about that switch, but its similiar to the switch that turns on the lights, but its on the left Istick. THANKS ANYWAY
  13. Hi guys, dumb question. but what does the dial do that is sistuated on the let stick which turns the wipers on. There is a dial that you can rotate small to great. When i try it, it doesn't seem to have an effect.. tHIS IS IN AN r33 s1 skyline. any help? THANKS GUYS
  14. Hi guys, what do you think would have a better 1/4 mile time, and 0-100, an auto Turbo R33, completely stock, or a stock Toyota Chaser 1997
  15. haha. Yeah but it seems to have actually reduced in power. i've only had it about a week. so maybe i'm getting used to the power.
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