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  1. Hi Kaden, When I had this exact problem in my 33 I cleaned the IACV and adjusted the TPS. (I had already given her fresh plugs, serviced the air filter and cleaned the AFM etc to eliminate anything else) In the end I put some tape around the IACV screw and then adjusted accordingly and finally she retained her idle after a lot of perseverance.....hoping this may be of assistance. -jess
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  3. can you elaborate further as to why the idle screw is full of crap as it completely resolved my issue and i was having the exact same problem?! if he has cleaned the IACV thoroughly and the idle screw I don't see why it wouldn't have an air passage through it? My idle screw had too much air passing through and hence the thread tape is actually what alleviated the problem in the end. Apologies if I'm incorrect in my suggestion; but that is what worked for me
  4. Nathan you mentioned - the idle screw on the IACV doesn't affect the idle what so ever. On my RB25DET, I've had to adjust the TPS & the idle screw on the IACV on several occassions to find the happy medium to stop my 33 from stalling. She would barely hold her idle at any point in time, especially on approach to lights (ultimately any time I put the clutch in I'd have to feather the throttle whilst braking to prevent her from stalling, even turning her over she would just stall unless i gave her revs). It took a lot of playing around if I'm honest given the sensitivity of the TPS & idle screw and the final result was putting thread tape around the idle screw on the IACV and then adjusting until she retained her idle. I only thought this may be relevant since you mentioned your idle screw on the IACV doesn't affect the idle.... hope it may be of some assistance as I essentially had the exact same issues for quite some time.
  5. wouldn't want it back, the way they drove off was so appauling, didn't know how to drive the car to save their lives. took my other car keys too so I couldn't even go after them in my SS. I supose if I didn't wake up when I did they would have taken the SS too. Cannot believe my luck though, always sleep with the car keys, every bloody night! I had this bad feeling at 10pm, kept checking on the car for some reason, I hadn't put it in through my gates yet but something was telling me something was wrong so I went and put the car in straight away thinking there is no way someone is going to come through my gates and get passed my dog without getting seriously hurt but no, they drugged my guard dog. Full tank of my Petrol..... god they did some driving around Cannot believe the state they left her in. She was such a beautiful car. I'm so sorry for your loss mister ryan..... R.I.P "SKYRYAN"
  6. SKYRYAN was stolen from South Perth at 3:33am on Saturday the 30th of July. Pushed the vehicle down the road, started it and tried to hoon off in the most shocking manner. Please if you see this vehicle, please take photos of the driver, the passenger, let us know where you saw it. If you're going in the same direction let us know any information you can! Thanks Heaps
  7. i think you'll find too many ppl want bit of this and bits of that. try and save it if you can

  8. heyya, kan u let me noe bout the parts cheers

  9. this car is highly unlikely to ever get registered and if it were to you'd need to know someone that can provide updated permits for the mods and even then, unless you know someone thats on the pits i wouldn't waste my time. I've imported a skyline from Melbourne that had 250rwkw and that was hard enough as it was, once you start upgrading the turbo's they don't want you on the road. Don't recommend it mate, it will take a lot of time, a lot of money and in the end might get you no-where!
  10. Yeah you might be able to get 7-8K for it but in this market at this time would have to be the worst to sell. Ask around 11K / 10K for it and see if you get any bites but I can't stress enough, if you don't have to sell it at this point in time, don't, this market is a buyers market not a sellers. Out of all the cars I've owned and sold, 3 of which were skylines I never lost a dime (made a profit on 2 of them) until my last one which I didn't even own for 6 months, should have been able to sell it easily for much more than I bought it for (as I got it for killer cheap) and then I managed to lose over 2K in it... shame I had to sell it at that time otherwise I would have held onto it until I got the real price it deserved!!! R33's held a really steady price for about 2 years and only in the last 6 - 8 months have they crashed down to next to nothing which is a real shame... yet the R34's are still holding a decent price!!! But I must say, you do have an advantage owning a non-turbo, there is always a few youngsters that are after a nice looking car that their parents don't mind them getting (without worrying about killing themselves with a turbo)!
  11. Actually - I just remembered something - there is this wanker that lives on Lydon who has had a running in with me and Kris twice now - First time, He was turning right around a round about and I was going straight over, followed behind him in at a completely safe distance and we pulled in to the shops. Got out of the car and he started screaming at me 'could you sit any closer up my ass' etc. Came right up to my face and started pushing me around, of course telling me to buy a 'real' car, and me being a smart ass asked why he thinks he should tell me do drive a real car when he is driving some piece of shit, he wouldn't let up and swore his mouth of at me, I ended up walking away as he wouldn't let up. Was so upset by it. Last Monday Night on our way to Volleyball driving down Lydon we were driving behind a car yet again at a safe distance, he slammed on his breaks for no reason out of no where and pulled slightly up onto the curb, Kris slammed on his breaks swerving to miss his car by centimeters, the guy jumped straight out of his car to come and beat Kris up, we just drove straight off. Turns out it was the same guy..... He obviously has it in for certain cars.... sooooooooo messed up. I think some revenge is in order....
  12. Yeah I know - How come skyryan has never had one problem??? Damnit, I bet you its him hahahahaha maybe we should all gang up on him mwahahahaha Nah no damage was done to the car thankfully!!! I'd be screaming if there was!!!!! Sounds like I will be putting the astra in front of it! My alarm system is pretty good, if it ever gets unlocked it resets the alarm within 30 seconds if the keys aren't put in it, even then if the alarm resets and you put the keys in (without having the immobilizer) you can't go anywhere which of course is normal. Probably will upgrade it, I like the Venom alarm system, found that very reliable, gave me a lot of feedback and you could use it up to 200m away or something! Last times they tried to steal my cars they were other skylines, not the GTR, I keep having such bad luck, stuff living across the road from a park as well, the buggars can bolt immediately and we'd never catch them. I love my cars too much though to have not bought the GTR, having a garage would be great, but if they know where the car is they want, whether its in a garage or not they'll still try to steal it. As far as I'm concerned I'd prefer them to have a crack at the car then endanger my life by breaking into the house / garage and do anything for the keys. As for my insurance... its always paid up... I'm an Insurance Broker!!!!! Oh Oh Oh - yeah keypads??? Where can you get them from??? Easy to install etc??? Details Please!!!! And yes Tapper Road is my favourite road too.... used to divert down tapper on purpose just so I could have a 'little' fun. Speaking of my GTR though.... I'm sooooooooo heading down the drags next week or the following!!! Goooooooooo Twin Turbos!!! YEOW!!!!
  13. Yeah but I don't know why I'm being followed hey... its weird. I mean yeah, who doesn't give their car shit and as for Tapper Road that I mentioned, every single car speeds down that street at over 30kms over the limit so I think you'd have to be pretty unlucky to get fined there! Damnit I'm not a hoon!!! (well only in industrial open areas.... hahaha kidding!)
  14. Nah its kept in the Carport! I think I'll have to start parking my Astra in front of it again, but that's such an inconvenience so move it there every night and then move it again in the morning.
  15. Hey Everyone, On Saturday night around 2am someone decided they were going to try and steal my GTR, fortunately I had an Alarm system so they bolted but it is aside the point. As most of you are probably aware this is the second time in a few months that someone has tried to steal my cars and several months before that it happened as well so this is the Third time someone has tried to pinch my cars I am sharing this with all of you so if you HAVEN'T got an alarm system, go buy one, it could save your car or the property inside of it that you don't want stolen!!! If you see any kids roaming the streets late at night, just call security / police and get them to patrol the area, they might not be up to anything dodgy but you can never be too sure, they could be the culprits!!! Also - when driving in Atwell, DON'T be a dickhead and fang it up the streets (i.e. Tapper Road). The cops have actually rocked up to my house several times lately (the neighbours are obviously getting annoyed) and have not only confronted me and asked me where I have been and whether my car was still hot or not but they have also been monitoring my driving trips to the extent of, When I leave for work, when I get home from work and the route I take. I would hate to see anyone get pinged in an off chance that someone has complained about a similar car to yours and the cops but their finger on you. Oh and one final thing, FYI - there are over 30 police officers living in Atwell so I don't think you'd want to piss them off either! I think that's all I had to say! Cheers -jess
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