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  1. Item: Alpine IVA D-100E Age:use 3month, stay st home 2month Condition:very good! Price:$1,000 (can nego) To Fit:any car.(i used to R33) (What car) Location:Oakleigh Victoria Contact:PM or 0430-247-432 Comments:I sell this for my parts. parts is too expensive...ioi... it is Quick Sale!!
  2. I went the autosalon on sat, and i saw lots of skylines and SAU as well. at that moment i onwer of SC400, but i miss the skyline... Also nice talk with one guy(who has onwer of white R33 with veilside bodykit(rear)... sorry cant remember..ioi..) I want join with yours, but i dont know most of people thats why i cant.... I just joind general meeting(1time) and Dyno day at RE customs..... Anyway I hope see you guys next time...
  3. hi girls and guys,,, I selling Stock suspension for R33,, just take off from the my '94 R33 GTS-T,, no oil leaks,, just I sold my ride, and i dont need it anymore,,, price is $300 or make offer,, @ is Melbourne,, can be post it by buyer's cost,, also i can delevery to near area from Oakleigh,, Pic up is WELCOME!! contact : 0430 247 432 or PM. cheers..
  4. yep!! count in me as well!!! I miss the Grat ocean RD .ioi......
  5. 10 bucks is soo cheep~!!! I usually park at carpark building at William ST and Lt Lonsdale.. there early bird is $16... but if u r not early bird QV also good place... coz there just $12....((but u have to spend over $1...))
  6. Nice met silver 32 @ princes. its my 1st met someone who memb of SAU.. I hope see u again at road or club (or wherever.. ) have a nice weekend~
  7. about chasers?? I just visit there but my friend recommand that shop is nice. and that shop owner also got evo viii (or vii ) *I just been to RE customs...
  8. how about wait GTR 35? it's tooo long take it?
  9. Lance-R33 GTS-T-

    Lance's ride!!

    about my ride
  10. Hi all.. I'm so sorry about long time no contract in SAU but that's why is;I visit my country (yeah, I from s.Korea and international student...)... today i start Kanggan Batamn TAFE for automotive, and i interested about class,,, please say congratulation to me..^.^ PS anyone study at Kanggan??
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