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  1. well i emptied the lines completely and i pumped brake fluid from the slave cylinder up then pumped bled from the clutch peddle just to make sure its air free...! and i dont get anything at all unless i losn the master cylinder stem to its last thread at the clutch peddle ... and i get about 2cms worth of firmness ...
  2. Also when the clutch completely failed i only had half a peddle of play
  3. Gday guys and girls, Soooo i have a clutch pressure issue... Iv just had to replace the clutch witch seems to be the easy part but now its all back together i cant get any clutch peddle feel!!!!! iv done everything replaced the slave cylinder pumped fluid from top and bottom!! Iv even adjusted the master cylinder stem all the way out and the most pressure ill get it maybe 1cm worth from the firewall!!!!!
  4. haha i like the supermarket idea!! Whaaaaaaa you mean you dont know what slidding is
  5. hey guys and girls im having a couple issues keeping track of private days at the moment
  6. bugger i would have came if it was slidding
  7. Jesus your still around on here bro!!Cheers ill sign up and pay for membership first thing tomorrow morning!! I just hope ill get it done in time!!
  8. Hello guys and girls, im currently trying to get my cams license for the g1s on the 20th!! Iv never really needed my full cams since iv always done practices and being able to get away with 1 day passes!! Sooo i was wondering if any of you SAU peeps could help me out...... thats if SAU is still a cams affiliated?? its been a while since iv been on here!!
  9. Gday peoples im after 2 rims for my r33 being iv bent the last set a drift practice!! So im after anything thats in 18x10 would prefer 0 to +12 offset but ill take anything thats 18x10 and cheap cheers
  10. gday guys and girls im after a stock r33 front swaybar asap
  11. Gday guys at this stage im wanting to replace my front thicker white line sway bars on my r33 iv found them way to hard for drifting!! Iv sourced down some stagea stocks swaybars the guy tells me they are the same as gtr bars but I want to know if they will fit my 33 and are the same thickness as the stock 33 bars ????
  12. i saw the pics of yours its a rear 4 point isnt it ???
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