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  1. Cool, Thanks guys If I can find a cheap 34R then I will go for it, if not 33GTR will have to do. GTR it will be!
  2. R34 GTR only cost that much to au? I saw in carsales peoples still selling over $70 - 90k so expensive Thanks for telling me that....... I think i need to do more research how to get a 34R for between 40 and 50k as well
  3. Thanks guys for the suggestion I think may go for the GTR.. Coz i may want the power more than the look. .. or RX7 s8.. it got power and look good as well need start to seach for the good condition and cheap 33R now.
  4. I am thinkin of buying R33 GTR or R34 GTT any suggestion pls Thank you
  5. Hello! My first post here: 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon Click Here: to 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon
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