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  1. Are the coils still for sale? If so please put them aside for me and I will come pick them up this week and pay on pick up. Call me on 0411 864 030 if you want to discuss anything. Cheers, Sam.
  2. do you have the standard coil packs still?
  3. The rest of the chassis has been sold as a complete item. Thanks to all for your interest. ADMINS, please close this topic. Sam.
  4. *********UPDATE****************** ALL the running gear from the car and front brakes have been sold as a complete package. This means that all other parts are now up for grabs, here is a short list of parts already pulled off the car ready to go, more parts and prices to come as I take them off the car, but feel free to make requests! - Front left fog light assembly - $40 - Windscreen washer nozzles - $20 - Factory R33 Sideskirts - $150 - Genuine Nissan Dark Charcoal floormats, all very well maintained, in excellent condition - $80 - Genuine Nissan clearside indicators - $50 pics of specific parts to come!
  5. these are awesome wheels! I had them on my skyline and zed...anyone who wants a mean looking set of wheels, and ones that aren't that common get them! all the best with the sale mate!
  6. if I don't have a buyer for the car by the weekend (waiting to hear back from someone) I will begin parting the car out. In which case, I will give those who have already asked for parts priority and price the parts they have requested. I will update the prices of items as i manage to get them off the car, however feel free to ask for parts and prices! Regards, Sam.
  7. I do, however I'm going to wait just a couple more weeks to see if anyone will buy the car whole. if not, i will inform you when I start parting it out. regards.
  8. DVD system is a Kenwood DDX 7032, works perfectly, comes with box, manual, USB cable, RCA cables etc. Not willing to seperate with the turbo atm, still hoping to sell the car as a whole.
  9. also willing to reduce the price by excluding 1 or 2 items (such as the sound system or brake setup) as I can use them on my new car. Minus these items i would accept 6k.
  10. Trying to sell the car as a whole for $7000 ono (willing to negotiate, considering towing costs etc) I'm not posting prices for individual items yet as I'm hoping I can sell the car as a whole. If I decide to part the car out a full list of prices will be provided, however I'm holding off on having to pull it all apart!
  11. PICS: more available of anything on the car upon request.
  12. Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I had he joy of being car no. 6 in a 7 car pile up on the F3 unfortunatley the front end of the car was pushed back enough for the insurance company to deem it as a write off. I am now selling the whole car as is, and before you start asking for specific parts I would prefer to try and sell it as a whole first. This car was my pride and joy and anyone who knew it knows how well it was kept, inside & out, aswell as meticulously serviced! Before this fateful day the car was making 272kw at the wheels. I'm asking for $7000, which sounds significant, but when you consider the parts that are in it, aswell as the condition of many of the standard parts/interior/panels, its worth it. They could be sold seperately for a higher total value, however I really need the money available to me sooner! Ok, so heres what was in it that WASN'T standard and is still undamaged: Turbosmart E-Boost2 GT30R Turbo with actuator and associated piping to suit R33 S2 SARD Fuel pressure regulator 550 injectors (cant' remember the brand sorry) Bosch 040 fuel pump Exedy clutch, not brass button, 5puk from memory, still plenty of bite! K&N Pod filter Z32 AFM Greddy BOV Greddy oil catch can Front and rear strut braces 3.5inch turbo back exhaust (xforce) Kenwood double din touchscreen DVD player with 4x Kenwood 6inch speakers QFM A1RM Brake pads front and rear (only 2weeks old!) The Standard parts that are still good! All seats Original charcoal floor mats Front left quarter panel BOTH doors Side skirts Boot Rear tail lights Many more things I should probably list, but aren't coming to mind! Please feel free to request more/specific information and further pictures can be provided of any part of the car upon request. **PLEASE NOTE** The wheels shown on the car in the pictures are NOT for sale, as I have put them on my new car. It comes with standard 300ZX wheels with 75% tread on them. (225/50/16)
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