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  1. I have the exact same thing! I figure it is the shocks because mine are crap. My theory is that when it is cold they are not lubricated properly and it makes noise, but I probably don't know what I'm talking about
  2. It's because your car is heaps loud! Get rid of the cannon...
  3. It was earlier this year... They may have changed it, I'm not sure. But when I was doing it, people were telling me that it wouldn't work and it did. May as well try it
  4. If you pay the fine after you get your full licence you should be fine. I was in a similar situation, and i waited until after I got my blacks to pay the fine and I still have my licence. That was over 6 months ago. The RTA even sent me a letter saying I was running out of points (or had too many, however you want to put it) but that was based on the 12 you can have on a full licence. The offence that put me over the limit for points on green p's was for a missing p plate as well, so it's not as if they wouldn't have noticed that it happened before I got my full licence.
  5. G'day, Do you have the gearstick surround still? Cheers
  6. Hi mate, I'm after the plastic bit around the gearstick, the bit that holds the ashtray and lighter. Do you still have it? Cheers
  7. G'day, Interested in the gear surround. Will you post to Sydney 2211? Cheers
  8. I can help with the drive past. dark blue r33
  9. There is a thread about how to do it. It was either in DIY or Cosmetic and styling Mods.
  10. Spotted 'Victory' in the carpark at work. Good to meet you
  11. You have to take the whole dash off. Start with the screws behind the ashtray, pop the console bit off then pull the rest of it off. There is a bit of jiggling needed to get it to come off, mainly due to the steering wheel. This must be adjusted down to give extra room. After that, the rest of the screws are easy to see.
  12. Thats actually an interesting thought. I suspect that the banks wouldn't be overly pleased with their security being crushed. I presume that the banks would try to avoid securing finance against 'high risk' vehicles, however the recent vehicles in the news that have been caught for street racing have included commodores, charade, camry etc showing that the partictular make of car has little bearing on wether it will be used in such an activity.
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