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  1. Item: 1x Wolf 3D V3 - With V4 software. apparently its tuned for a Ford ? 1x RB30E Block + Pistons stripped ready for acid bath for rebuild. Price: $600 - ecu $200 - block Location: Peakhurst Contact: brentmcd12@hotmail.com Comments: Want it GONE asap.
  2. CAR IS NOW A WRECK SADDDD DAY .. please see my for sale thread. http://forum.r31skylineclub.com/index.php/topic,90288
  3. hey wat throttle body do u run with the greddy style plenium ? 80 or 90mm ? also for those with aftermarket comps do u use the MAF sensor ? or do i need a Q45AFM or a Z32 afm ? also i need to know what turbo + manifold i should get ? - high mount or lowmount in a R31 skyline. internal or external waste gate? i was considering this. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...A:IT&ih=014 but i was told to stay away from it ? also going to be runnin tomei poncams.
  4. Item: 93 RB25DE VCT + Coby Extractors. so compleate engine + ECU RB30E Block stripped ready for acid bath. pistons taken out. $100 RB30E head compleate. $50 i have a WOLF 3D V3 with Version 4 Software $600. Age: 25de - 175,000kms 30e - 200,000kms Condition: 25de working strong. 30e. ur rebuilding it for a RB30DET or wat ever. Price: 25de ~$1000 make a offer. Location: Peakhurst 2210 Contact: brentmcd12@hotmail.com Comments: COME AND GET IT NOW!
  5. hey i am keen and i am ready to pay u right now. brentmcd12@hotmail.com
  6. some one get photos of it all connected up so i kno wat to do on my 25de oh and who can tell me where to get the consult program + wiring from ??
  7. hurry up n get photos might b interested in the 17s..
  8. but if u have any R31 shells laying around n u can get this to me asap i need the bolt for the sway bar that joins onto the lowercontrol arm...
  9. too late i went to SSS automotive $120 for LHS..
  10. yeah s13 LEFT HAND SIDE LOWER CONTROL ARM... any 1 help me anytime soon ??
  11. i have a wolf 3d V3 with V4 software... it has been mapped for a ford :S ~ $600 ono
  12. yeah i tryed the CAS on max went the same i think ?? my cold starts have adjusted themself so it fires up at 1000 - 800rpm. ummm ill go have alook for this white wire now.. wont the fuel econonmy be shit if i run around with the CAS on max ?
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