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  1. http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/privat...4&silo=1011
  2. ~~~~~~~~~~PRICE DROP~~~~~~~~~~ $14,500. Swaps are a maybe.
  3. i have one of these wind guard for sunroof at home it come of my s2 prime ed,( the first part i pulled off it, 10 mins after picking it up) the clips are long gone but the guard is in good condition
  4. I WANT SOME FOR MY 260! that looks unreal, how often do they come up?
  5. The common stagea rust below the mirrors has just been repaired and looks as good as new.
  6. does anyone know of anywhere i can get my hands on a autech version badge for a rear of a 260RS? Just Jap auto imports have them, but want $99AUD for it, i'm sure they're rare, but that seems over the top cheers
  7. i would also like one of those "grocery" stickers, that is hilarious. also chasing some replacement unicorn emblems for the side window, the ones on my 260 are looking very average thanks russell
  8. these are on ebay now, bidding starting at 450
  9. FOR SALE 99 NISSAN STAGEA RS4 silver, auto, good condition, first aust owner, imported in march 07 True prime edition, features include: full leather, heated seats suede door inserts woodgrain tv/satnav gps and climate touch screen auto latch rear door twin sun roofs dayz front bar and side skirts remote start (remote is gone) auto lights genuine floor mats black cargo cover sfhc paint center diff lock mods include: Haltech platinum 2000 ecu (installed in august 09) Garrett 30/71r turbo 3' dump pipe with flexi joint catco high flow cat 3inch cat back 5zeign muffler splitfire coils hks ssq bov blitz dual sbc boost controller blitz dcc turbo timer fmic walborough 225lph fuel pump blistein front struts king spring low rear, super low front fulcrum camber kit front and rear Car was dynoed on a safe tune at 168awkw with some bigger injectors the car should easily make 200awkw this car has always had stock injectors and has never seen any boost over 1.0bar jvc head unit with bluetooth usb dvd video in and divx encoder head rest screens(front screen can be used for dvd or divx as well) front bar has a small amount of damage and 3 small pin dents on the bonnet couple of minor scratches on the rear bar Rotors were machined and pads replaced 8000km's ago always serviced tappet cover gasket and new turbo gaskets,studs nuts replaced 2 weeks ago $15,500 this pic was very old, now has stock stagea 17's and alot lower please e-mail me for any more info and photo's Boostn26@hotmail.com
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