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  1. Hi all, am after the following for an R33. Can do pickup if from Melbourne and surrounds. -S1 or S2 Auto Dash/auto surround in (good condition) -Boot plastic trim surrounding lock latch in boot -Boot lock -Metal Radio bracket surround -Intake snorkel -Drivers side headlight (Good condition) -Left hand mirror glass or entire mirror if cheap (Glass good condition, rest of mirror any condition) -Catalytic converter temperature sensor - Including cable -Rear view mirror (glass clear) Thanks, James
  2. Just putting it out there, is there any chance we could create a sticky list of jaycar friendly tuners. I know its relatively straight forward to tune, but would feel much better if I didn't have to explain what the unit was, how it worked etc.
  3. Did you cut the injector #1 wire, or just solder onto it? If you cut it, then theres your answer. If not - check boost/injector wires aren't reversed. - remove one wire at a time - at idle it should be doing nothing - what does the display show?
  4. Scary stuff this... I can't understand why a stock untouched car would have one of the cams misaligned, surely it would have been picked up when serviced? The only thing I can think of is if the computer covers up the timing problem by compensating for it. I guess in japan it was ok on the 100RON fuel, over here put it over the edge. Ill turn it one back towards normal and turn the engine through a few cycles.
  5. My cam dot doesn't line up on the RHS! I've attached pick of each of the marks, the exhaust side is 2 teeth out of alignment. Had a bit of a look on the net to see if anyone else had the problem. One person said you can rotate the individual cam as long as it was no more that 2 teeth. As far as i know the timing belt had never been changed, got the car when it was on 56k, its now on 99k. The car has never run well, I have always blamed this or that, mechanics have checked it without finding a problem. It uses lots of fuel no matter what I do. (auto, 3" exh, boost 8psi). Do I rotate the cam, or is there something else I should do? Any help or insite would be appreciated.
  6. I would definitely be down for s1 r33 light (s3 gtr style). As for feasibility, just take one look at the " r33 dirty/cloudy headlight ... " threads on this and many other forums and you will see it would be a massive hit. I have a r33 series 1, its repainted, has a bodykit, the rear on a r33 looks good, the front cloudy lights let it down making it look like an old car, the s3 projector style would make it look much more sophisticated. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
  7. That makes me feel a bit better, thanks. Ill head to jaycar, get the cable and see what happens.
  8. Thanks to everyone who has posted really helpful info, solutions and fixes in this thread. I have an r33 auto, decided to get the fuel controller after reading sidneykids comments. Put it together, tested the fuel controller box voltages and everything was fine. I have one problem, my screen doesn't light up on the hand controller. Like the earlier posts I turned up the conrast level to full, half, and minimum and nothing comes up. Voltage is getting through to it, but no display. Have checked every component on the multimetre and they seem within specs. The only conclusion I could draw was that I have used a parrallel cable (yes they do fit) instead of a serial. Would that have blown the screen on the hand controller? I have tried another actual serial cable, and still nothing. Any suggestions?
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