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  1. So you still got windscreen washer bottle pumps and shifter centre console?
  2. Yep those are the ones. Two pumps on the bottom of the windscreen washer water bottle. Also do you still have the shifter boot console?
  3. Hey mate, looking for the window washer pumps and shift boot centre console. Still available?
  4. Hi mate, what's the date of manufacture for these tyres? What is the number that is stamped on the sidewalls?
  5. Hi all, As the title suggest, I'm looking for a HICAS lock bar for an R33 series 2. Cheers
  6. The motorkhana was definitely one of the highlights of the day. My best was 32.69 but considering that that's the first time I really let the car slide, I'm pretty happy with the time.
  7. Before with my almost dead thermostat, it would take 20+ mins. But after swapping over to a new one, it'll take roughly around 2-3kms @ 60km/h. As mad082 said, it really depends on the weather as well. If it's a really hot day, then the thermostat will open a lot sooner versus a cold night where it'll stay closed for longer so the engine can warm up properly.
  8. Besides the tyres being too skinny for the power that you are making, another question that you should be asking is how old are the tyres? Even if you're running good quality tyres, if it's getting old and becoming rock hard, then that will only add to your wheelspin problem.
  9. Lol spending double the dosh does allow 50% less shaving of the rear housing.
  10. I just got some skirts myself and I'm going to use a whole lot of sikaflex as well. Let me know if you find some clips cause I'll be interested too.
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