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  1. Not worth claiming, my access is $1600.00 upfront and did not cover the front mount either. Didn't know how long it would have taken for insurance claim as I had to go home (brissy)
  2. Ur lucky, I'm from Brissy and was working in Parra for 3 months. parked at the corner of the Malsonic club almost everyday, thinking that it was safe cause it was off the main road (george street). One week before coming back to Brissy, I came back to the car to find the front-mount, boost controller (bleed value), air filter and blow-off valve gone. The alarm was triggered but no one cared, they didn't touched the inside of the car but managed to pop the bonnet and take what they wanted. So f**ken pissed, had to pay for towing to Green Valley $150.00 and $1000 to replace everything. Be very careful around that area!!! Thankgod I'm back here
  3. I want the BOV, still for sale? are you willing to accept $100.00 cash as I am in Bissy too and willing pick up asap. Please email me. leeseng.vang@hic.gov.au
  4. please count in me aswell, full membership with t and cap, Only new to this (2nd post)
  5. Very similar, send me ur email and I send a pix's........
  6. Hi...everyone out there....I'm Lee. You may have seen me around.....I own a four door just like 4doorz. Thought it was the only one...but saw 2 others (damm...) BUT mines the 5 speed turbo one so far....The Ford blue print colour with the GTR front, sideskirts and rear quarters and a "DMD" sticker on the front windscreen.Slowly working on it...but no dosh, still paying it off. Say "hello" if you see me cruzin...
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