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  1. Not willing to sell the turbo seperate. Would seperate the engine and gearbox if there is interest. Not smart enough to attach any pics here. Email me if your serious. Chris.
  2. Hey all. Keen to move this along. Will take 8k for it, will give you all the extra suspension and braking bits that are sitting on the garage floor. Cheers.
  3. Hey all. Due to a change in circumstances, my project R31 has to go. Its a white 1988 Series 3 TI sedan. The 30 is gone, in its place is 25/30. Read on below for what it has. First and foremost, for pictures of where its at right now, CLICK HERE!!! Condition:Engine BRAND NEW never started, gearbox internals refurbished, car is what you would expect for its age. Pretty straight all round, clean, interior is all there but could use a clean. No a/c, stereo, cruise control. Power windows are still in place. Description:OK here goes, this is all taken off the invoice, which i am happy to show to real buyers. RB30 block given the full treatment by Chilton Engineering, balanced blueprinted etc. ROSS/ACL Race Series Pistons T04Z 0.84 A/R Tial 44mm wastegate Spool forged steel connecting rods Manifold 6 Boost manifold Custom made Inlet Manifold with 80mm billet throttle body - made by RIPS NZ Head R34 Neo NA Cylinder Head - ported and flowed etc R34 GTR N1 Oil Pump R34 GTR N1 Water Pump ACL Race Series Conrod Bearings ACL Race Series Main Bearings Tomei Restrictors ARP Main Studs ARP Head Studs ASR 8L Gated and Baffled Sump Crank Collar - custom job i'm told made of 7071 steel Power Enterprise Metal Head Gasket - for comp ratio of 8.5-1 Gates Timing Kit Oil and water lines - care of ENZED Second Hand R32 GTR intercooler - used only for the purposes of sorting out custom I/C piping Refurbished clutch fan Brand new engine and gearbox mounts RE4RO1A Gearbox from an R33 Beefed up internals 3000rpm torque convertor Manual/semi auto whatever ya want to call it valve body MV autos in adelaide did all work - very well known name in the nissan automatic gearbox world In addition to these, which are in the car, i have a set of R33 brake calipers, discs, HR31 struts, as well as a few left over pieces of brakes and suspension all over the garage. Koni height adjustables for the rear spring to mind. There is probably more but i will go thru it all with the right person(s) Location: Cairns Contact Details: PM me, email or get me on the phone on 0410 594 978. I have shitty reception, so if i dont answer straight away i aint being rude. Asking Price: $10 000 ono. I'm realistic, if you make a real offer it will be considered. Pick-up/Postage Arrangements: Happy to help organise postage etc with potential buyer, but at your expense obviously. Other Comments: The car doesnt run. It only needs an ECU, injectors and a decent fuel pump and your looking at a 500hp+ car once tuned. I am getting married next year, have a honeymoon to pay for, work has slowed down a little and a bit of a tax problem. I will not have the funds to finish this thing for a few years and its such a waste to let it go untouched over that time. Its open to any inspection. Thanks for looking.
  4. Willing to swap them for something 25/30 related. R32 tps, decent de cat pipe, air filter, brand new injectors plus cash your way. If ya have something worthwhile we can work something out :bigok: Cheers, Chris.
  5. Change in circumstances. Feeling the pinch to sell them now. 350 delivered anywhere in australia. Chris
  6. Sweet as. I like pictures lol
  7. I've decided to bite the bullet and get the ASR sump. Spent too much money already, whats a few more dollars lol. For those interested, apparenlty the sump will still fit a 31 all right - incase anyone else is doing the same sorta thing. Cheers for the tips lads Chris
  8. I'll have a look closer at all of the above. I did notice that the Lewis Engine's one doesnt make any references to additional baffling and the like. Thanks for that gents.
  9. Hey all. Looking at new sump for my 25/30. Its going into an R31. Will i have any clearance issues with swaybar/crossmember and the like if i get one of these enlargened sumps. Are the RB30 sumps the same for both the VL and R31 RB30's? Thanks for any assistance, Chris
  10. I notice that in that thread there was a reference to casting numbers on the heads themselves. Dont suppose you ever worked out which casting fitted which manifold at all? Got a feeling i am up for an expensive and rather shithouse custom job now...
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