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  1. Jason_R33

    Are we going to do a meal this time? Jason
  2. Jason_R33

    Im in for the 15th - no photos though (car is not pretty enough at the moment). Jason
  3. Jason_R33

    So what are peoples plans for food beforehand? Jason
  4. Jason_R33

    Ill be going Hopefully do a bit better this time Jason
  5. Jason_R33

    Ill be there. Finally a meet which is close to my place
  6. Jason_R33

    It was a good night. It nearly turned into a bad night - I was heading home, and turned the corner at the intersection in front of garden city(heading back toward capalaba/redlands). Waiting for the lights, in first, slide the car out(by accident of course..you know all those white lines on the road), and then chuck it into 2nd to straighten out. What do I see in my rear view mirror behind me? A cop car stationwagon. So I slowed down(as it was of course an accident...) - for some reason he didnt seem to care, and he turned down the next road and left me alone. Jason
  7. Jason_R33

    Im just trying to get my head around what this entails. Do we get to drive on the track, and do burnouts/drifts/skids and stuff? Or is it just a car show to support the reopening of lakeside? Jason
  8. Jason_R33

    ill bring a 24 cube of softdrink.
  9. Jason_R33

    ill be at the hyperdome meet Jason
  10. Jason_R33

    Umm, I was hoping non-fast food, heh. Jason
  11. Jason_R33

    No more maccas. lol. Something a little more classy - and not 5 mins before we are supposed to be at the meetup point. Jason
  12. Jason_R33

    Yeah, I will. Does anyone want to have lunch beforehand though, somewhere nice? Jason
  13. Just wanted to see if anyone else is board today, and wanted to do something, Myself and Adam will be heading out for a bit of a cruise from springwood Crazy Clarks at about 1:30 today. Thinking going out toward the dams way - if anyone is interested, meet up there by 1:30 today for a 1:40 depart. Jason
  14. Jason_R33

    Does anyone have information on the route being taken? Jason
  15. Jason_R33

    Yeah, ill come..got the R33 with some new 18" Rims, so will take it out for a spin. Disapointing though that the side of my front bar kissed a ditch at 30km/h in the rain:( Jason