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  1. whiteboy01


    Thanks for the honest answers Blake. I still waiting to be paid as well as many others. I hope you sort this out ASAP and rebuild the trust you have destroyed.
  2. At least someone is getting paid. I have sent him multiple msg and he is even screening my calls.
  3. Well that sucks. $700 is still alot of money to let go. Might be cheaper to get a flight over to Sydney and take out my frustration out on his legs. (Joking by the way)
  4. well I'm thinking even if I get 700 from him, with the cost of the debt collectors being 200 I'm still ahead. Cheers
  5. Maybe I should look at debt collectors as well? Is it possible to do a joint collection from the people he has ripped off. If we all get together we can get our money back!
  6. There is over 60 msgs and some of them take up half the screen.
  7. That would take along time.....
  8. Does anybody know how to get msgs from a iPhone? I would like to post up some of the msgs I have received from BSA. Let me be clear on this also, JEV and ProFab have been very professional in there dealings and it shows merit. It shouldn't be left up to ProFab to clean up BSA mess. If fact he has every right to turf everything out from his workshop because BSA hasn't been paying rent!
  9. No money has been repaid. Apparently he sent it through to the wrong account even though I gave him my account details multiple times.
  10. I just had the same refund is coming MSG.
  11. I have a lot more details PM me for more.
  12. I have also been burned by BSA. Purchased a turbo/dump/front/manifold. Total cost 950 plus freight. Never received turbos and never received all of my money back. This was in Decemember last year. Jes has help me get 200 from him but it's a far cry from the original 950.
  13. Answer my text msgs. If not I will let the forum know what has been happening.
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