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  1. most of the yank stuff ecu stuff wont work on our cars. The jap cars use a different system with the OBD-ii port.
  2. Is it too late to add another blue one to the list?
  3. Awesome work John!!! Congrats!! +1 for a sub 7!
  4. NA_R33

    Good Tow Cars?

    +1 for patrol, i have a 99 GU series 1 TI petrol, tows my 1200kg trailer, my 33 whale with the car packed to the roof with no dramas. Petrol bill isnt great but its piece of mind with the missus driving it as a daily, not so much piece of mind for anyone else on the road though
  5. I drove my mates b1600 around for 6 months, made 400+hp at the tyres with a later model 13b, dowelled big throttle body, microtech and a tv51 truck turbo, the thing turned tyres in top gear as it came on boost and kept turning them past 200kph, it had a 80 Litre tank and used to average around 450km's to tank, that said we rebuilt it 3 times in a 2 year period and it probably got such great economy cause it was just to fast on the street...
  6. Let us know how you go as I'm keen to put one on my car, i think it has some earth issues. The kits you inquired about are they for US spec left hand drive cars? as the battery is located on the other side of the engine bay, would a universal kit perhaps be a better option?
  7. If these things did work dont you think you would be seeing them from factory, where manufacturers spend millions if not billions on R n D, testing different ways to make there cars more powerful and more efficient?
  8. I'd be giving Mike from MV Automatics in adelaide a call, he's a guru when it comes to autos, especially jap stuff, if anyone's played with them in aus yet id put money on him. Getting a normal valve body done usually ranges from 250-500 bucks. He does fully manual control boxes for earlier skyline stuff so he might be able to sort something out the V box.
  9. You can have mine, and the oem intake tube and a k n N highflow panel filter, i know the filters are 100+ $'s and it had only done 2 or 3000 k's. So 100 bucks and its yours
  10. Guys do a search on the Yank forums, these things are not as good as they make out especially for NA applications. I have the kinetix V+ plenum or whatever its called and even with that the car only made 1 or 2 hp more. The ssv has been known to make less power then the standard one with NA applications, not trying to rain on anyone but rather save u guys $$'s and dissapointment.
  11. Ok have the powerglide out of the race car built for a 1000hp by Mike from MV Automatics, its a full house gear box:, -Manualised -Shift Kitted -Pro Tree Transbrake -High Tuff Input Shaft -7 Clutch High Clutch -Chrome Molly Clutch Hub -Deep alloy sump (TCI from memory) Its Mikes high horse power package has everything except big planetary gears. Done less than 10 passes Will fit anything with a bellhousing adapter and stally to suit Will throw in BnM Pro Bandit Shifter Asking 3500 ono Vortech Supercharger, Its V2 (helical cut gears) T Trim (impellar size) Blower, The one off the race car done approx 20 Race meets, Excellent Condition, Have brackets, custom timing covers and plumbing to suit a VH45 if interested. Asking 2900 ono Complete VH45DE ARP Head studs, Copper head gaskets Grout filled block Ported and Polished heads Double Valve Springs Under 5 Passes since complete rebuild Spare Crank Spare Rods (Compete Set) Spare Piston (complete set) Spare Manifold Spare Rocker covers Spare Heads (not sure where they are though) I understand the block is grout filled and good for not much except drag racing but it would be good for spares or to mimic the setup. 1000 bucks for the lot. 8 x 1600cc injectors 600ono 2 x Autometer Pro Comp Cylinder Head Temp Guages 150 ono MSD DIS 4 HO - Distributorless ignition system 4 channel high output Would suit a skyline on waste spark setup with 2 tach adapters (required for it to work with some cars ill throw them in) 600ono 4 MSD GM dual output Blaster coils with adapter bases for universal setups 250ono With the ignition setup you can just about arc weld with it. VH45DE Custom Hybrid Microtech LTX8-LTX10 Combo with extra outputs and onboard igniters 600 ono Pair of FD RX7 Ekei Space savers used as front runners, they fit with a spacer plate and are fitted with cross ply tyres 250ono Pair of 15 x 8 Drag way indies, nissan/ford pattern, fitted with 28 x 9 1/2" hoosier slicks from memory, these will not fit a 33 without serious modification and NA brakes 500ono All still on the car, some of the gear is on ebay also, willing to sell engine components seperately, will swap the cross member for a standard 33 one or just sell it if someone wants it. Will swap stuff for standard 33 bits, i need a driveshaft, manual box, clutch, manual brake pedal, clutch master cylinder, engine wiring loom, aftermarket intake manifold, 33 bonnet preferably fiberglass or CF, set of 17 or 18" wheels. Will also sell the whole package if someone is interested, so with another block you can just bolt the whole lot into your 33 and have pretty unique street car. Everything is still on the car atm, so it can be seen running, until some of the parts sell. The car is sitting at the workshop in sumner park, which is where ill start stripping it. Happy to answer any questions John - 0417 608 538
  12. Top Secret Kit, mine came with it though, would imagine it would be pretty hard to source a genuine one...
  13. I have an Autronic SM4 running standalone and the car still starts and runs fine, better then factory actually, the factory ecu is still there just to keep the BCM happy, bit tricky wiring it in and my car was the first to have the autronic, my tuner and autronic wrote the software using my car. Big thanks to Matty Spry at PITS! I love the Autronic its an awesome ECU with plenty of options and extras, and ive used a few.
  14. 10,000 Firm, have heaps of interest in it but ill pm you first as soon as the ad's run out, so early feb.
  15. Ok guys im gonna run one more add for just under a month and then im going to part it out so tell your mates if anyone is keen to make me an offer, ive just done the sums and can sell all the bits for way more than this but id prefer to just wave good bye to the lot at this stage. 30,000 ono thats with the trailer running and ready to go racing. The trailer has 12 months rego!
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