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  1. Up for sale is a left side series 1 r33 headlight, in good condition apart from the usual blurry lens which should come off when cleaned from the inside of it. Also got the right one but the lens is cracked, so only good for pieces which you can have for free if you buy the left one. Wreckers selling these for $150 each, will sell to a SAU member for $100! Will be ready to pickup this weekend! Located in Condell Park, Call me on 0406 991 071
  2. anyone want these or theyre going to be in the bin by the weekend come pick em up for free
  3. these are the only parts ive got left over.. sorry dude
  4. i was considering doing the rb26dett transplant but knowing my luck id be lucky to get 15k for it once done and then im losing more even! thanks for the kind words, hopefully someone considers it to be their project soon.
  5. condition is fair could do with a cleaning, the piece on the left side is cracked in the middle make an offer or case of beer will do
  6. hey guys got a couple spare pieces of a r33 boot surrounds, left side right side and the piece that sits on the inside part where the boot closes. will get pics up in the next few days, make an offer for a piece or all of them. located in sydney, pickup prefered. dont know how much these things are worth so tell me what your willing to pay for em. cheers joe 0406991071
  7. *bump* if it doesnt sell before next week for 10k will have no choice but to trade it into a yard for something else, so grab this while its cheap!
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