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  1. Some cheap stock going around. Anyone got a spare $800k?
  2. lol i just logged on from a PC for the first time in probably a year and I have 24733 posts I'm pretty sure I had ~24700 like 2 years ago
  3. Yup, my excess doubled at renewal and my premium went up by 50% with CGI. They refused to drop it when when I called to get my verification docs to change to budget direct.
  4. Basically we don't give a shit about assets with home lending. You could have $5 or $5mil to your name and it won't affect the outcome. Assessment is made based on taxable recurring income as this is what we need to demonstrate to APRA. If you own a business it's slightly different in that we use EBITDA less tax... So you pick up depreciation and interest expensed but still essentially the same thing.
  5. Bearing Ric's comments in mind, I re-did it, but made sure to take a position on everything
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