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  1. Also have a pair of genuine fog lights with Nissan part number 26150-8990B, were advertised as "V36 E11 T31 C25 C11 Genuine Fog Lamp L/R Set" when I bought them but fairly certain they will fit other models (check p/n) $150
  2. A variety of V35 / V36 / Z33/ Z34 parts can be found HERE in the VQ series forum 1. R33 RB25 Tomei Short Shifter. Discontinued and hard to come by. This is the full kit, in box, including the matching shift knob. It is used, the nylon bush on the bottom is worn so I would replace it with a solid shifter bush for the sake of 10 bucks. $250 2. Nismo gear box mount R33 RB25. Used in excellent condition. $100 3. R32 GT-R N1 vents. Brand new fibreglass copies $100 4. R32 Greddy rear wing. Factory R32 GT-R wing on steroids and a limited run made in the early 90's - Super rare. As seen on the original Greddy RX 'speed king' and the Pentroof GT-R. Also looks good on 180sx etc as seen HERE $500 5. Pair of genuine Masa bonnet vents. Brand new fibreglass vents that you can put in a standard or fibreglass bonnet - keep your coil packs dry. Will get pics of actual items soon but look like below when installed $350 All prices are negotiable for quick and easy sales. Located in Adelaide, shipping at buyers expense. Plenty more pics available on request.
  3. 1. Pair of Greddy cast manifolds from their VQ35DE 350z kit as seen here https://www.z1motorsports.com/forced-induction/greddy/greddy-twin-turbo-kit-350z-intercooler-p-6566.html $500 2. Cusco OS front strut brace part number 288 540 a as seen here https://conceptzperformance.com/cusco-type-os-front-strut-tower-bar-brace-infiniti-g25-g35-g37-q40-q50-q60-ex35-288-540-a_p_9888.php has been used $150 3. ATS Carbon 1.5 way diff centre suit Z33/Z34/V36 diff according to Japanese seller. Part number CNRB109130. Purchased second hand from Japan, never used in Australia $800 4. Z34 vq37 HKS oil cooler kit part number 15004-AN024. Purchased second hand from Japan, never used in Australia $650 5. Greddy easy camshafts to suit VQ35HR brand new. Direct replacement for standard $800 6. V36 sedan late model factory front lip used $250 7. M35 Stagea tail light covers. Used, Factory silver minor damage to bottom one (inside corner chipped). $100 All prices are negotiable for quick and easy sales. Located in Adelaide, shipping at buyers expense. Plenty more pics available on request.
  4. I think, when I bought mine, the Japanese translation was along the lines of 'tail gate filler panel'
  5. Just did a bit of a search and it looks like someone in australia has made copies of the mid wing https://www.kmakaero.com.au/stagea-mid-wing
  6. Nah, not factory. Can't remember who they are made by either, sorry, was almost 10 years ago when I bought it! Also keep an eye out for these (equally as rare) but, again, couldn't tell you who made them
  7. If you're after a bit more bulge to the rear, keep an eye out for one of these. Not many around but do pop up now and then. (Same car as above, after I changed the rear end look up a little) I do also have a spare set of s2 tail lights collecting dust in the shed if you wanted to try the paint route
  8. Have a set of weds bvillen tt7r in 19x9+9 and 19x10+13 for sale Not exactly what you are after but similar looking wheel if you get stuck
  9. Check all of your intercooler piping for leaks first - something you can do yourself and won't cost anything
  10. Yeah, they also made them for a standard non gt-r bar. Discontinued though https://www.nengun.com/east-bear/front-spoiler-r34-prior-term-bumper
  11. Just looks like a copy of an east bear lip to me. Probably why it's called an E type
  12. Standard or aftermarket? Have a tomei short shift kit if interested
  13. Are vq25 and vq35 exhaust manifolds interchangeable? If they are, i have a pair of trust/greddy twin turbo manifolds from a vq35 if anyone is interested
  14. Just looks like a copy of the east bear r34 front lip https://www.nengun.com/east-bear/er34-front-bumper-top-malls
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