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  1. Have a set of weds bvillen tt7r in 19x9+9 and 19x10+13 for sale Not exactly what you are after but similar looking wheel if you get stuck
  2. Check all of your intercooler piping for leaks first - something you can do yourself and won't cost anything
  3. Yeah, they also made them for a standard non gt-r bar. Discontinued though https://www.nengun.com/east-bear/front-spoiler-r34-prior-term-bumper
  4. Just looks like a copy of an east bear lip to me. Probably why it's called an E type
  5. Standard or aftermarket? Have a tomei short shift kit if interested
  6. Are vq25 and vq35 exhaust manifolds interchangeable? If they are, i have a pair of trust/greddy twin turbo manifolds from a vq35 if anyone is interested
  7. Just looks like a copy of the east bear r34 front lip https://www.nengun.com/east-bear/er34-front-bumper-top-malls
  8. 4 fronts is the way to go, standard ride height or are you lowered?
  9. I have some tanabe sustec pro coilovers for sale if you're interested. Plenty of reviews on them if you google
  10. Standard or aftermarket? Have a tomei kit, pm if interested
  11. Can't help with the size, but keep in mind there are a couple of different factory front bars for these cars and the photo you have posted is different from the parts diagram
  12. That's actually a 'dolphin' brand wing. Second picture used to be my car, so can guarantee that's a dolphin wing in that pic.
  13. Any more pics? Anything planned for it? If you want to update the rear end I have a set of series 2 tail lights for sale
  14. Jump on minkara and have a browse, there are quite a few 32 front stags on there with build pictures/blogs
  15. Here's a start, more aggressive than the specs you've listed but something to throw in to an offset calculator to compare if nothing else. http://www.stancenation.com/2013/01/06/stagea-from-across-the-pond/.
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