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  1. nah these were no standard holes...they were cut by him and very big and ungly and not needed...I definetly wasnt picky this one was no good...
  2. then neither am I interested...lol
  3. Hi guys...all my life ive been a through and through Holden fan and currently own a VS Commodore..for a long time I have been influenced by the japanese automakers and have always had a liking for R33 Skylines...so it has finally clicked hasnt it...lol...I now am in the process of updating...I am wanting to buy an R33 GTST Series II ('96 or up) Manual, 2 door. Preferably black, white, sliver or grey. Want a '96 or up but will be interested to look at Series ones also...Would like low kms first owner in Oz pretty much stock car...but like I said...will look at others also...I am wanting to work out some sort of trade or deal...hese are the cars I currently have to trade... '96 VS Commodore Exec Series II 3.8L Auto - Immaculate! Will not find a VS like it...had a lot of time and effort put into it...Had a recent re-spray...same colour...Original (Obsolete) SS Body Kit including Front Foggies...Original CV8-R Monaro 18" Rims (Valued at $4200), VT Front brake conversion, $5,000 professional show quality sound system, Redback 2.5" Exhaust, CAI, Sports Steering. Lowered Suspension...other bits and peices...Never been smashed...parents owned its whole life...just gone 182,000 GENUINE kms...first to see will be impressed...! '97 VS Statesman 5.0L Auto - Again also Immaculate! Lowered King Springs all around...18" Mags...very well looked after...140,000kms genuine kms...very strong Car...Looks the part over other statesmans...! '93 VP SS Commodore - 5.0L 185kw!!! MOST GENUINE SS YOU WILL EVER FIND...! Been completely restored to original Holden condition...looks like it rolled off the floor...just had a Full Bare Metal Spray job...original colour...! Sourced original pinstripes and stickers from all over Australia...(obsolute items)...VERY VERY RARE! Must SEE! Definete Head turner...! Must see to understand...Low genuine kms also...!!! All these cars are immaculate and you really must see them in person to understand the quality put into them...all head turners...very clean and well kept cars...not stuffed around with...Am interested in doing a trade with a combination of the cars...or one of the cars plus some cash etc etc...you get the drift...PM me or post with any offer or if interested in looking at or getting photos of any of the cars... Cheers, Joe
  4. hey this car is on car sales right? are you interested in any trades?
  5. Hey mate...Awesome looking car...something I'm after...would you be interested in a couple of trades?
  6. Well...ended up no good anywayz! Went and had a good thorough look at the car today in the sun on a very nice and clear day...! I was there for about a good hour or so and there were several things I managed to pick that turned me off it...now I mean there is no way im gonna get an absolute perfect one I know that but this was no good. I mean it had the liitle few pissy things that were replaceable and wasy to fix and return back to original but there were a few things that just werent right...firstly it was a 94 not a 95 which had me on the negative side first off...i originally wanted a 96 and I was gonna settle for this 95...but its now a 94. I found out that it has been in a minor prang on the left hand front...on closer inspection i noticed that the bottom of the guard didnt line up properly...has a look underneath to see why and noticed a lot of sticky tar covering up whatever was under there...the guard rail was majorly pushed in due to someone jacking it up in the wrong point...! so then I was like...yuck...! the repair looked ok from what I could see but i mean...I can only see so much...under the bonnent...the way in which the cooler was mounted...a hole had been cut through the firewall which would have been ok if done properly except he'd or whoever done it clearly made a mistake and cut a massive ugly un even hole in it...not only in one place...but two...this majorly turned me off...few other things I picked around it just voided the deal and I was like...no way...even though it went like a bullet and motor seemed fine...there was no way i was gonna settle for this just because I could get it...so yeah...the hunt continues...I have seen only one immaculate one so far ('96 II just like I want) so i think im just gonna have to go back and try and crunch him on the price some more...so yeah...oh well...just hangin in a bit longer.
  7. Just a quick question guys...drivers airbag didnt come standard on 95 model R33's is that right? or can they be removed or something? the one im looking at buyin has no air bag obviously...has a sprts steering wheel on it?
  8. Hi guys...how we all doing...happy easter btw...! After looking around for 2 weeks things weren't looking so good...! My dad said it just might not be possible for me to get a skyline and I was shattered...! So I figured I'd just put a 5.0L in my commodore instead...even though it wasn't what I wanted I probably would have been happy...but then a very good opportunity arose and I think its like 99% done deal...My dads long time best mate has an R33. 95 Model...GTST! Well he decided that when he found out I wanted one he'd cut me a deal...He has a project mustang that he's working on and really wants to complete it and so this being the reason he wants to get rid of it. Now its not a 96 like a wanted and its far from stock like I wanted but there is a difference...this guy imported it himself and is the first owner in Australia...it has 78'000kms on the clock and it has driven 9,000 kms or so on Australian roads...he has all the papers to prove it. Now this guy is a fully qualified mechanic and an absolute petrol head...he knows he's stuff and everything he has done on the car is professional quality work...this being the reason I'm not turned off at the fact its been played with...the car is that moron colour that they come out in however its been re-sprayed a shade darker or so...not because it was smashed but because he didn't like the slight fading in some areas (He has photos that I've seen just before it was painted while it was at the shop) and knows people who did it for him next to nothing. I believe it has the following modifications... Greddy Frount Mount 3" Exhaust System from the turbo all the way back "Hitachi" (is what he called it I think) GTR Injectors Twin plate performance clutch Bosch Performance Fuel Pump Boost controller Upgraded Turbo...he did tell me which one but I cannot remember right now... Cam gear... Air Intake system custom designed by him which is un believable...it is so cool... Adjustable coil over suspension Upgraded front brakes...! Im not too sure if its been tuned fully yet...The engine bay has all been tidied up and he has a few other bits and pieces done to it as well but Im not too sure right now...he looks after it very well which I know of...I have known him since I was a kid and since he got this thing...I know he's looked after it. He runs it on 8 pound boost...he says he can run it a lot higher but its simply insane...he says he's scared of it...I have been in the car and driven it and I tell ya what...my god...it really is scary...! the car is in top shape...interior...outside...there are a few tiny things I don't like...he has a fibreglass front bumper which I don't like...its cracked in places also...the rear spoiler has been taken off and holes fixed and painted when the paint job was done...the wheels are shitty...few other cosmetic things that are crappy for me but nothing I couldn't return to its original condition...nothing that's permanent...all the rest is original...no side skirts or rear skirts...nothing....its pretty much in tip top condition everywhere...since I wanted a stock one I think all id do is put some nice wheels on it...change the front bar...remove the things and change the things I don't like...for example where the gauges are mounted...Id put the spoiler back on...adjust the suspension and Id be more than happy and its more than I could have imagined right now...I planned to get a stock one and just gradually get used to it and add bit by bit...but in this case...its all there already all very professional and looked after...! I think it would take me a long time to even give this thing a bit...I really would be too scared to coming out of a Commodore...lol...heres the deal...My '96 Series II Executive Commodore...3.8L Auto...(mind you my VS is one of the cleanest ones around and has a fair bit done to it) I get to keep my 5 grand sound system, I also give him my motorbike which I paid just over $1000 for and $6,000 cash which I know I could crunch him down to say $5,000. So this equates to about $14,000 - $15,000...considering the car owes him just over $32,000...I think its a pretty good deal...its just gone my birthday and he's upset he never got me anything as he always religiously has and being such good friends of my dad and the fact he really wants to finish he's much loved mustang...he's had enough fun in the skyline and would like to see it go somewhere where it will get looked after and he can still see the car...now I know before you guys go saying its shonky and no way...let me tell you...yes way...! this guy is the most genuine bloke in the world and is at my house everyday...there's no way if he says that there's nothing wrong with the car...there certainly isn't...he has everything to prove and back up what he says and if anything was stuffed on it...I'd be able to confront him tomorrow...lol...comes with 8 months rego...what do you guys think...I know its hard to say and there's no pics or nothing...but from the sounds of things...does it sound worth it...??? I may be joining the Skyline scene much sooner than I thought and definitely going much quicker...Im so excited...! Thanks for all your help on the research btw...! Cheers, Joe
  9. Hi guys...great read...I'm a new guy to this whole scene...Im an ex-through and through holden fan who only ever worked on or knew holden engines...Ive since been influenced and converted...Im in the process of buying a Series II GTS25T. Im in the research and learn phase and just getting some ideas etc etc...just wanted to ask a quick question...you know how your all saying to get a good exhaust system...so like the front/dump pipe to the cat and finally the cat back...are you guys still using the stock intake manifold or extractors as I would call them? sorry if this is a newb question...if so what would be the gains of upgrading the exhaust from this point...so extractors--->front/dump--->Cat--->cat back...? I didnt notice anyone mentioning anything about brands or prices??? what is a good middle market fair priced system to go for thats going to make imporvements such as these...also with the front/dump pipe...just confirming that this is a dump pimp included in the front pipe and so a separate single stand alone dump pipe is not needed??? I also have seen a few performance INLET PLENUM what is the go with these? is this a bolt on mod? what is involved...? what are the gains and what makes a good from a bad one? btw are the stock turbos on a r33 high mount or low mount...? what is this anyway? im gathering its just where the turbo is located? sorry for all the crappy questions...any help is much appreciated...Cheers, Joe
  10. Cool thaks so much guys...look can anyone direct me to any threads that have info for a "new to the scene" guy as far as basic modifications and upgrades go...like what are the most common and basic upgrades performance wise...what do they cost...where to buy and what are the gains...Im an ex through and through holden man who only ever dealt with holden engines which I know back to front but turbo is a whole new concept for me...cheers, Joe
  11. lol...really I didnt know that...Im gathering the RB25DET is the turbo and the RB25DE isnt?
  12. Cool thanks heaps guys...Im definetly on my way now to buying my skyline thanks to you guys...I figured out that ECR33 holds the RB25DET and the ER33 holds a RB25DE...so yeah...I think an RB25DET is what im after...any quick replys as to the main difference apart from compression ratio?
  13. ok cool...so they are all type M...got that...if its the model then howcome there are two types of 33's...one being ECR33 and ER33???
  14. hey cool thanks heaps guys...have found alot of info...I think so far im leaning towards a series II...96 up...they look nicer for one plus there are a few very nice differences...whats all too confusing for me right now is how there are "ECR33" and then "ER33" I cant figure it out...then ya got all the different combos...like GTS-T...GTS25T...M spec...then non m spec but series II...its very confusing...can anyone help me out in this area...Cheers, Joe
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