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  1. Looks like it. I’d send them an email
  2. It's not just the turbo kit. I've done about 4 or 5 of the VQ35DE turbo conversions ranging from 240AWKW to 660RWKW. Your supporting mods will be just as expensive as a HKS turbo kit to do it properly. If you do it yourself you will save big $$$. IMO the best bag for buck on the street if you want approx 200RWK on a VQ35DE is a firstly a very well sorted and flowing exhaust with H/F CAT's(use Z34 headers and cat's), a Z33 manual diff(3.538) for those of you with the PM35 only as the PNM is already 3.538, fuel pump and good catch can setup. With those mods you should be able to get 180-190RWKW with good plug and play ECU like a LINK. If you want more for a street car a supercharger is your next best bet. The supporting mods to make it work well and get you reliability. power will be about 220 - 240RWK. Once you go turbo its a major game changer as everything needs to be adapted especially if your in the PNM35. P.S. I am only talking figures with 98 Octane fuel for the boosted setups as E85 is another setup and power change. IMO is you have $20K put an LSA in it and say goodbye
  3. Version 3. It's apart again for version 4.
  4. old....but if you need it I wont and dont!! ECU_PINOUTS 13_12_10.PDF ENGINE CONTROL 13_12_10.PDF emanage.xlsx
  5. Haven' t been here in a while. Whats the latest quotes in Sydney for turbo changes.
  6. Jetwreck

    NM35 Stagea

    NM35 Stagea Hi All, Just an FYI!! Not working on cars anymore. Talk to Scott.....heaps of info and mods come from him. cheers
  7. paid for this event....can I request the number 350? If not 35? If not can you let me know. Looking forward to chasing Chover and a certain white R34!!!
  8. EOI: V35 Coupe Roll cage Hi all, I'm looking at going to AGI in the near future to get a Cams approved Bolt in cage done. To lower costs are there any others out there thinking about getting a cage done. If so I need about 3 cars in total to get the pricing down to about 1K each. If not I'll get a custom job non bolt in cage put in. cheers Craig
  9. lol......after doing about 30 of these I can tell you its a different experience everytime. I think the fastest I ever did one was 5hrs......the slowest was about 18hrs. You could never guess which one was to make you its little [email protected]#ch.....the only thing that was always consistent were the little cuts all over your hands and arms. I ended up with 2 draws of my toolbox that was specific to the NM35 turbo change. Glad you had fun....and I'm glad I will never touch another NM35 for the rest of my life!
  10. just put a z33 diff in it....A manual one. 3.538 ratio
  11. Small update on the Vtard. Pretty happy with this beast.....finished fasted nissan on its first sprint on the long circuit on Eastern Creek....and was on its way to 15th outright(2:09 on the long track) but the front hub failed. Will be putting it in Superlap div 2 next year after I spend the next 9 months fine tuning suspension and brakes. Still needs to go on a diet as its 1,520kgs atm. Cracked 270RWK and 910NM's at its last tunes on e85. Aiming for a 1:39 on the normal track.....should be capable of a 1:43 as is atm. P.S. The rear wheels are getting resprayed back to silver because fugly.
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