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  1. Only Reason i suspect they came back simply and purely. they have my missus spare keys. If they ever see it in the driveway ( which it wasnt the night the car went past) bam it will be gone. Furthermore i know my neighbours are all aware. the neighbour 8 doors down went past the house 5am yesterday morning. I was getting into my car for work and he asked me to stop and identify myself before i got into my own car. got to love neighbourhood watch
  2. Pretty much Just Got woke by a Black VL Commodore Going Very slow past the house. 5kmph max with no lights on...... Ran out the front with a flood light... and it sped off... Arghhhh no plates on it either.
  3. Did you manage to Get the bolt Undone? Done A million and 1 crank angle sensors over the years i worked at holden and i can vouch that placing a bar and levering it off the Ground works best as you dont damage the chassis rail (chipped paint and dents etc). let me know how you get on with it
  4. I heard about a r32 being stolen on the monday night before it all happened (so two nights before hand). Didnt Know of a R34. Living on Araulen Crescent. The Missus Hasnt yet got to change her keys over either but...... we have moved her car far far far away. It would have to be all the same people the cops were at the house within minutes. Just tonight I've seen 15 cop cars sprawled out amongst 3 suburbs. So I'd say its only a matter of time
  5. Yeah series 1 has VCT as well. However Both Series 1 and 2 use different electrical sensors. That does not effect its interchangablity. As you can bolt up series 2 electrics to a series 1 block and not have issues.
  6. Just went out to Bunnings and got a Motion Sensor Flood Light Right where it was needed. Dick Smiths - Quell Entry Sirens. 20 bux each. i installed them on doors and sliding doors. they go off when the door it opened to a tune of 110 decibels. I'd Say the Contributing Factor in all this is the fact they got in without waking anyone up. if they try to breach the house again it will surely be a very loud entry and wake everyone up. the flood light is to stop them from roaming around like ninjas
  7. yeah missus is frantically looking at house alarm etc atm. i sleep with the baseball bat. swords dont do it for me
  8. I Asked the cop that turned up about gun laws and break and entering/ stealing. he looked at me funny and strongly urged me not to shoot anyone inside your house unless they are Threatening and to call cops in future. my car keys are kept in my room with me (both sets) just unfortunate that the girlfriends spare keys were elsewhere in the house. her main set remain on her at all times as well. Cops believe the lock to the door was picked open. (currently they have a few people of interest based on that fact (they had a list of people with them for recent offences)
  9. Attempted Theft in Bertram 3am this morning. Both my r33 and the girfriends new suzuki were touched. My motorbike CBR250RR was touched as well. My girlfriends Suzuki Spare Key was Taken. My German Shepherd Puppy Alerted us to them as well as he roams the house freely at night. Once Awake me and the girlfriend were confronted by 5 Tall People dressed in black from head to toe they were all inside the house with torches and all they were about 6ft 1 in height each. My attempts to bail them up with the baseball bat had failed and they simply ran. They were using a White Rav 4 with no plates (Recent model) police suspect the car they were using was stolen from Wembley Recently. To me they seem very professional in the way they did things and whats worrying is that seeing they have the spare key to the suzuki. Leads me to believe they will Return. is there any suggestions people can make to prevent this in the future?
  10. yeah you'll need to remove the rear seat. first you remove the bottom half the the back piece. the back piece is bolted in and the bottom is clipped in.
  11. I've had this happen once when down shifting in a previous car (r33 gtst) it ended up being the pressure plate fork bending and the dampener springs coming loose. threw a new clutch kit in and it was all sweet. I could Select all gears with car off and not running. Very difficult Gear selection into any gear with car running. it sorta happens when you downshift from 5th to 4th at high rpm. but accidentally go from 5th to 2nd
  12. If im not mistaken the piping should come from the passenger side of firewall along the left chassis rail. up to the radiator. the condensor sits infront of the radiator on passenger side. I could be wrong however fairly certain thats were it is.
  13. Ohno1 you unfortunately cant use this to your advantage anymore. I've seen a guy first hand at the dpi centre in willagee try that. what happens is when you pay the fine those points get back dated to the offence date. At which point you lose licence for 3 months or double or nothing. eg. If you had 2 points left and you lost 3 before you get anymore back you would be at 13 points and would so lose licence regardless of how long you take to pay up. When u eventually pay it. they will look all the way back to the offence date. realise you had 2 points left then take 3 points from that date. Not the date you pay up. It was a loop hole which may have worked. But unfortunately it doesnt anymore. (ps. the guy saw trying it on stood there arguing it for a few hours with no luck) hope this helps
  14. that could have been me... had the rear screen smashed with a brick.. 150 dollars second hand rear windscreen... which i removed from the car it came out of. then i installed it into my car. If you still havent changed the filter.. go boil a kettle... make a coffee.. then pour the rest of the hot water on the hoses that connect to the filter. the rubber will expand and the hose will come straight off
  15. Dont be too sure of the alarm going off.... when i was visited by a few spirited people.... my car stereo was taken.. ( my car alarm did not go off ) the 52 inch plasma... walked out the door ( it takes a few people to lift ) this was about 2 yrs ago.. it does make you think twice about effective methods. mind you they cut some wires which they needed for the tv and had been seen laying the tv down in there ute(stolen) by a neighbour so they would have got back to whichever rock they crawled out from to notice the tv had no sound or picture . Did i say karma..
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