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  1. Thanks for that.. I forgot to include that it still has 11 months Rego on it which is worth about $550 The add has appeared on car sales with a few more photos too
  2. Hi guys, Unfortunately the time has come to part ways with my beloved skyline. Change of life... It is 40th anniversary edition. only 82,258 km on the clock. First Australian owner. It has an Apexi pod filter, alarm with remote start, turbo time and immobiliser. Immaculate condition. It has Nissan sports exhaust. It has been listed on car sales for $13,500 o.n.o. All serious offers considered. No time wasters. I have two weeks to sell this at this price otherwise I will be re-listing for a higher price. test drives welcome to serious buyers. R.W.C. certificate to accompany. Contact Daniel on 0412 413 198 or kalel@internode.on.net lots of features. This car will not disappoint! please feel free to contact me with any enquiries!
  3. Cheers guys, I found a guy on Macauly rd that does inspections (silver repair serivce) and he doesn't care about the fitted pod filter. He's like, if I make you change it in front of me, what's to make you change it back 5 minutes after I have given you the certificate. So it looks all good. Regards Dan
  4. Got the appointment but I need to get it roadworthied by someone. I rang kmart tyre and auto and they don't do imports. I need to find someone around the kensington/flemington/north melbourne area that will give me a roadworthy certificate. My car is stock accept for a pod filter so I don't anticipate any real issues and I had it fully checked out by a mechaninc before I drove over. Names and numbers would be greatly appreciated. Regards Dan
  5. Hey guys, I have just moved from SA and I need to change my licence plates and rego over to Vic ones. Where can I get my car inspected by an Authorised vic roads inspector that will do import cars? cheers Dan.
  6. I have had a iPhone since september last year. I tried the HTC touch diamond running Windows Mobile. What pig it was just to navigate through the menus. MMS? Pffft who cares when you have email. I was using MMS heavily before I got my iPhone and I don't even miss it. Huge range of free apps for it. Google maps just rocks. Trust me I just moved to melbourne and have found it invaluable when I or someone else needs directions. If you want to you can easily PWN your iPhone to customise it. I have put a couple custom ring tones on there without PWN it. I don't have the net at home, I just use my iphone for surfing the web and getting my mail and it works reliably every time. Can't really say any more than if you want a device with Full multimedia capabillity with telephone and internet capabillities, then get one.
  7. no head unit installed recently. This happened once before and I just replaced the fuse. Only this time it seems that there is something more sinister involved. Last time it also stopped my battery from recharging and after driving around for a bit I lost all power to the car and it just died. That hasn't happened yet thank god. Will be taking it to a sparky asap though.
  8. hey guys! I thought that I would ask before I take it to an auto sparky. My car keeps blowing an ignition fuse when I turn my key to accessories. It's the one that is second from the bottom left hand side. It seems to be the fuse for the dash gauges and power windows. Has anyone else had any experience with this?? I even tried a 15 amp fuse in place of the usual 10A but no joy. There's a short somewhere, but I thought I would pop the question to everyone. Who knows I might be able to save the sparky some time if I can point them in the right direction. Cheers guys
  9. kalel


    Thanks guys for all help. cheers Dan
  10. kalel


    Cheers for that. Where's good place to pick some up/get them installed? Xenon's aren't illegal/defectable in Vic?
  11. kalel


    HI Guys! I just moved to Melbourne from SA for work, so I thought that I would say Hi! Now for the help! I just found tonight that my headlights are gone. Where's a good place I can go and get them fixed/checked out? I have series II R33 and I live in Kensington/Flemington area. I hope to get it sorted Monday morning. cheers Dan
  12. I will be there just needed to organise with the GF.
  13. hey Kel, I will be living there hopefully well before then so I will certainly be looking forward to catching up with you guys.
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