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  1. maroon 32 on the monaro this morning 8.15-8.20
  2. white 32 with black bonnet on athlon out the back of tuggers this arvo.
  3. ^^^ ill have to look a bit harder. only got it today.........
  4. canberra has the best roads but the worst drivers.........
  5. ill be down the coast......... why is everything organised when im away or working lol?
  6. you are 100% at fault if you hit a pedestrian on a crossing. if you hit someone not on a crossing then doesnt it rely on witnesses? "they ran out onto the road infront of the car", "they were crossing the road and the car didnt slow down".... also they can tell how fast you were going from injuries and skidmarks etc....
  7. need this gone. offers..... good for RB20 and RB25 (non VCT)
  8. ok just did a bit of googling and noticed that speed cameras are now called safety cameras. should be cslled cash or revenue cameras. the ones im talking about i think monitor the traffic, safEty cams....
  9. nah the ones on the metal frames not at intersections just straight road. usually has a white sign with 2 or 3 small cameras pointing down over the lanes.
  10. its all about money. nothing to do with saving lives. speed and red light cameras must have signs warning you. no signs, then dont worry. safEty cameras are not speed cameras.
  11. lastnight on the way back from lyneham, stoped at the lights in front of the ainslie fire station (wakefield and limestone avs), a fire truck left. then down at the begining of the monaro near duntroon, another fire truck went through the lights there, then closer to the hindmarsh bridge, another fire truck and about 10 secs after was the police crash investigation van all heading out airport/ majura rd way. i put my money on a head-on on majura but listened to the news this morning and nothing..... anyone know anything?
  12. haha yeah lol like to keep up to date with whats going on. i thought you meant you had the PFC issue sorted but i understand now.
  13. Variable Cam Timing- and last post is suposed to be WITH OUT VCT
  14. third time lucky hey. i saw you coming up to the lights and thought you have to stop, surely youll see me this time lol
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