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  1. คำโบราณที่ว่า หน้าก้อ คอสั้น หัวหยิก คบไม่ได้ ท่าจะจริงแฮะ #ปลาทู

  2. เมื่อคืนดูละครแรงเงา วันนี้มาทำงานเจอ แรงง่าว ... #เซ็ง #เอือม

  3. ลักษณะว่าดื่มลิสเตอรีนทุกวัน แล้วเสียงจะดีขึ้น (* ̄m ̄) #เดอะว๊อยซ์ไทยแลนด์

  4. คำคมบน BTS "เด็กมหาลัยฯ แมร่งก็เครียดอยู่สองเรื่อง แฟน กับ สอบ" .... จริงป่าวหว่า???

  5. เพิ่งรู้ว่าสาวๆชอบแต่งตัวเอ็กซ์ๆมากินข้าวโรงเจ รู้งี้น่าจะกินเจตั้งแต่เ...

  6. big thanks to all who organised and helped out to make this event happen .... what a great day!!! although got back home with 5 working sparkplugs and wounded front bar. can't wait until the next one. john (kuma j) ----- many thanks for the footage of my last session mate.
  7. got a confirming email for supersprint on saturday ..... thanks aza for giving me an idea ..... so i'll send the entry form for hillclimb tomorrow and i will ba a turtle climbing up hill on sunday ...... LOL
  8. Hi guys, i'm interesting in this event. ..... not sure are there any spot left or not (i'll call tomorrow). i have some question about this event as i don't know much about regulation here (coz i come from oversea) is r33 gtst really in SV type? .... or could it be in type 1? coz i just have light modify. another question, is the hillclimb difficult for noob? coz this will be my second track day ...... wanna go home in one piece
  9. Hi Andrew, I'm interested in CD ..... do you have any shot of my white R33 "GEE.33.R" plate???
  10. Thanks to volunteer and organizer for the great time yesterday. big thanks to Adam for your suggestion (it was my first moment on the track while u sat next to me, very appreciate!!) Here are some pics to share with you guys ....
  11. Hopefully it's sunny ...... what if it rain???
  12. How about tyre, brake and so on???? Do I have to prepare anything special??? cause mine is just drivable
  13. Thank guys, Just fax the membership form today will transfer money tomorrow. Where can I send the CAMS form to??? Another question is this event alright for stocky car??? coz now i'm broke ..... have no budget to modify
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