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  1. Hi guys I know it's probably not the site to ask but am trying to find 2 ve thunder wheels for my tow car had a very unfortunate run in wit a pot hole
  2. Hi just chasing a price on the injectors only? Thanks
  3. Still got the head? What was done to it through the reco were the valves replaced?
  4. Depending who your insurer is they may have an "uninsured driver clause" in it which means you can class him as basically being unisured and make a claim through your insurance then they will chase him for the cost of the repairs. I know this is the case with mine through NRMA Off the NRMA site Uninsured motorist damage If you’re in a collision with someone without insurance, but they’re at fault and you have their details, we’ll pay for the damage to your car up to $5000.
  5. Ok guys so turns out that my timing may be 180 degree out. Does anyone know an easy way to fix this? Have been having trouble finding a mechanic who actually wants to work on the car (one of many downsides to owning an import in a country town)
  6. Ok had another thought....could the timing be out causing the injectors not to fire??
  7. Just replaced the 2 green ones down with the ecu still nothing.
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