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  1. ok..so Ive decided to go up and pick it up...thanks for the advice! Hopefully there will be some nice female backpackers and/or hitchhikers on the way back to keep me company lol!
  2. Thanks for that. I've spoken to autotrans and because it has to be a door to depot service it worked out to be $1060 which is way too much. I found a website called moving cars and they quoted me $795 door to depot which im pretty happy with Also do these freight companies have a Cash On Delivery service? Or what is the best way to do this. Pretty much my situation is : Im buying this car in qld, have had it checked out and everything is fine. The guy that I'm buying it off is in his late 40's so shouldnt expect any dodgy stuff. I'm in melb and the car is getting shipped down. What is the method of me paying the owner?
  3. Hey guys and galz.. I need some advice on transporting a car down from Hervey Bay in QLD to Melb. Does anyone know of any or has experience with freight companies Im looking for the cheapest option, doesnt really matter how long it is going to take for the car to get here, plus minus a couple of days. Any advice will be much appreciated. Cheers, Dave.
  4. any takers? Need the bonnet gone asap Going VERY VERY cheap!
  5. As topic states I have one R33 series 1 bonnet in white for sale. It has slight damage to the front, I've been told by a panel beater that it is very easily repairable It's taking up space at my house so just want a quick sale Open to offers but goin very CHEAP! Either PM or contact Dave on : 0421 707 427 South Eastern Suburbs
  6. Guys I'm after a 2.5" - 3" Cat Back exhaust for my R33 GTST asap If anyone has one please let me know either through PM or on 0421 707 427 Thanks. -Dave.
  7. With a few adjustments you could get it to fit onto a gtst. As it is tho I will not line up properly on a gtst
  8. The grill meaning the part which sits on top of the bar between the bar and the bonnet. The bar has indicators on it but they are not the standard gtr ones, just some aftermarket ones someones put on there. email address for pics..
  9. Cheers mate, yeh I know, what I was saying is that I had the bar reo and grill complete and was going to sell it all at once, just some idiot thought they would help themselves.
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