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  1. what is the condition of the turbos? any shaft play? cheers andy
  2. How much is the hard top pipe on the Airbox side? will u separate? maby pipes only? let me know thanks andy
  3. Ahh too bad then =P I was just about to make an offer and take it off your hand the Intercooler Hardpipe kits. Good luck with the rest of your stuffs. Cheers
  4. Like i said from the Top Post I can take it off your hand for $200 including post ..postcode 2177 cheers andy
  5. What your Hard pipe kit look like send a link to any site?
  6. Its the twin turbo outlet pipe to the intercoolerand give me a price thanks. Cheers Andy
  7. Thanks Mick, great bloke to deal with. Brought tyres closer to my place to be pick up. Cheers Andy
  8. Hi JK, I actually need the TOP Hard pipe from the Twinturbo outlet to the intercoller. I think you got it there. Any chance of separation? If not How about the 3 pieces aslong as I get the Top Pipe I will take $200 including post 2177 Cheers andy
  9. Alright Mick I'll take the 255/35/18 pair check Pm
  10. NVM thanks I just bought the Manifold....I couldnt wait..Cheers
  11. ALL SOLD Thanks James all went well with the trade, a pleasure to deal with. I wish you the best with your build mate Close Thread Thanks!!!
  12. Picture of no.9 Manifold and condition thanks cheers
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