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  1. hey mate i am really keen as i need on of these for a rwd rb26 converion. i live up on the sunny coast so will need to organise postage if that suits you then we can work something out.
  2. to easy mate, just pm me when you have the qoute, do you need my post code or town or something? anyway thanks mate
  3. hey mate just wondering if you have got a chance to find out about posting the sump up to queensland? michael
  4. hey mate if you still have the sump i might be interested to use it for a rwd rb26 convertion, only thing is i am near brisbane in queensland. do you think it would be much to get it up here michael
  5. i think should be the same but not sure, my car has a 26 with a 26 clutch but a 25 gearbox so would say they are the same
  6. hey mate i e mailed ppg direct a while back regarding a ppg dog box for my r32, i was told by them that the gearbox's need to be pulled down and inspected EVERY 12 months and at that point the 2nd and 3rd gear dog rings would need replacing and posibly 2nd and 3rd gear themselves, just the parts add up two about $1000. then you have labour to pull the box in and out if you cant, so will add up. he did say that you could just drive it till it played up if you wanted but they didn't recommend it. hope it helps, if not look on www.ppgearbox.com and e mail them about the kit you want
  7. personally i have used a few tyres on the street i have a set of toyo proxies 4 on my car atm and am very happy with them for the price they seem to perform well in the wet and in the dry but they may as well be made outta concrete compared to the toyo proxies r888 i have had on my car (very exspensive semi slick) they worked unbelivably well in the dry at very low temp and at very high temps and as for the wet that is where i think the big difference comes in, i used them on a very wet road one night having a bit of fun with a mate in similar cars, but i have bout twice the power of him i was only just loosing tracion in 2nd gear and had no understeer at all and soon could not see him behind, he said could not get the power down and was understeering like mad(he had the proxies 4 on his car) we have since done simliar things in similar conditions and now that my car has road tyres on it we are about the same pace. after all the only part of your car that touchs the road is the tyres. but after all that they do wear out very quikly and cost a lot of money but they are definatly worth it for performance driving and if the wet is the only thing stopping you then get them lol
  8. Yeah was def happy with 420 rwhp on a very hot day and with only 11 psi was not exspecting so much, would be interesting with 2 bar and a set of injectors. does any body have a list of the final results for all the cars would be good to see.
  9. hey mate is the power fc sold or have u still got it i have a mate might be interested, if it is for an rb20
  10. the list is to big but it has 365rwhp on a tame 12psi (the R stands for gtr motor)
  11. hey i was also there with my R32 gtst ran an 13.34@115mph(185kph) good trap speed but was finding it hard to get a good launch was either getting lots and lots of wheel spin or bogging it down oh well hoping to do better next time with some better tyres and a bit more boost.
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