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  1. Nice mate. Hopefully I will get mine e running o e day. Not sure if I should try and push for this year. 2020 hasn't been great, and I don't want to jinx the car.
  2. it USED to be cheaper, but the market dropped out of it, and they realised performance peeps would still pay for it. Now Caltex doesnt sell E flex, makes even more sense, as they have a monopoly on the market.
  3. welcome. that tyre difference isnt that significant, so would wait until they are worn out and require replacement anyway. the silver looks nice on it. any plans for mods? or leaving standard?
  4. welcome. im sure no matter what you do, your brother would appreciate it. as above, black isnt just hard to get right, its also hard to maintain. red could be cool, or just leave it white with red and black accents throughout. not sure about Vic, but in NSW, its much easier to get a standard car passed than any mods. just take it slow and see if your feelings change.
  5. welcome. all depends on the car. do you live in Aus looking to import just a car? or, are you moving from NZ and bringing a personal car with you? all comes down to sale price, plus shipping costs, plus registration costs and possibly duties/taxes.
  6. welcome. head studs are a good idea. may or may not require head gasket. what are your goals/aims for the car? what do you enjoy doing with it? this will determine which route you should head down.
  7. he said a Ti, could be a Tida? also, welcome.
  8. Welcome. Plenty of info here, and many joining from the states. Post some pics in this thread when you get a chance.
  9. Was thinking like this..... I like the look. But, have never owned one.
  10. Welcome! Plenty of info in these hallowed halls. And we definitely appreciate the pics(everyone loves pics)
  11. Another option(if you like them) will be the Forrester GT. They look pretty good with a nice set of wheels and lowered a little. I haven't had too much to do with the subies, but have heard their gearboxes are a weak point if you go a solid centre clutch. Good luck with the hunt!
  12. Sounds good. Close to standard and just cruising they are pretty reliable and fun anyway. I'm sure you'll get many years of enjoyment.
  13. welcome. please, please, post pics when you get it. also, what are your plans/goals?
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