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  1. So, prices are meant to have gone down....... 2015 navara. I'm over 30. No recent accidents(over 8 years) Last year, 845. This year, 850. Utter bullshit.
  2. Ok, found to attach images on the app, must use the 'plus box then select "attachment" rather than image. Haven't had any other problems so far.
  3. Could probably do it without that piece. But, having so much oil, I do like the thought of the heat transfer helping get it to operating temp as soon as possible.
  4. Pretty much. Have heard all the tales about the factory sender. For the extra couple of hundred, worth it.
  5. Also tensioned all of the oil filter housing adapter bolts. Left one Grub screw loose so I can fit a new oil pressure sender.
  6. WHITE Emailed and heard back from hi octane regarding the spacer between the mount and original pump housing. Meant to be 7.65mm Used washers to achieve 7.6mm. So, this afternoon, bolted the rest of trhe pump bracket up. Installed pump gear. Had to file down the keyway as it was too large and the gear wouldn't go on. Used some thread locker on the Grub screws as I don't want them to come loose.(love the holes for the allen key) Installed the belt and tightened everything up. Now, in hind sight, not the best thing to do, as I still have to install the a.c. and power steer belts.
  7. WHITE small arvo today. Placed belt gear drive on balancer. And that's pretty much it.
  8. GOLD further onto the explanation of the cam gears.... I don't know if it the cause or effect. Could be that the bolts were loose, causing the cam speed to dart back and forward, causing a bearing failure. Could be that the cam seized slightly, turned the cam gear, loosened the bolts and kept going. If there weren't any alloy in the oil, I would have said the gears were the only issue and put it all back together. I really hope it's all it was and the alloy is just residue from the last machine. But...... I want it checked now, while it's all apart. Better safe than sorry.
  9. GOLD Here's the photos from the engine from the gold car.
  10. As requested by titan, but for those who also wanted to see. This is the sump.....
  11. Now, for the pics of turbo dump swap and wrap, etc.....
  12. Here's the "instructions" you get with the kit.
  13. Harmonic balancer drive was the easiest piece to install.... *touch wood*