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  1. Hopefully we see it before straya day. Then you can fly the flag whilst duning.
  2. luke gtr

    Just a quick update. Due to the spacers, I can also run a standard air box.
  3. luke gtr

    Just read thread. Great work. As much as it sucks now, I know you will get it back I to shape. Keep up the great work!
  4. luke gtr

    Was the cruise to mega long valley. And yes, everyone got there(that I know of)
  5. luke gtr

    Were you the maroon 32? Either way, hope you made it back ok with no damage.
  6. Gold: New washers/gaskets fitted Reassembled Doesn't appear to be leaking anymore(hooray!) Still VERY smokey. I suspect burning off whatever the break cleaner couldnt get.
  7. Gold: Cleaned oil area Run and confirm leak from feed bolts gaskets Pulled the intake out Dropped the front pipes Lowered the front turbo Removed feed bolt
  8. Tried to upload a vid, but forum says no. I forgot how good it sounds. So deep and throaty.
  9. So........ Gold: Starter motor wiring connected Clutch slave bolted up Front tail shaft installed Gearbox filled Front diff filled Battery connected And started for the first time in over 2 years! Fark yeah! Also washed it. Feels so good. (Unfortunately I have an oil leak. I suspect the front turbo oil feed. Will check it out tomorrow)
  10. Gold: Rear muffler on Starter motor in!(was procrastinating because it's a PITA) Transfer oil in Lower bell housing bolts in Connected fan wiring Still have to connect the starter wiring, fit clutch slave, fill front diff and gearbox. Then, should be good to go. No pics today(sorry) Called it a little early as my light went flat.
  11. Doesn't feel that fast.
  12. Sorry? What do you mean?
  13. Depends on blue slip inspection. Need to find someone a little lenient. Anyone know anyone?