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  1. luke gtr

    PM sent
  2. White: Finally purchased more parts. After finding out the knock sensor loom I recieved wasnt for a 32, had to add that to the list of purchases. So, now have the following; Knock sensor loom Coil pack loom Ignitor module Heater temp sensor Ac compressor bolts Ac comp bracket bolts Clutch booster hose and check valve Have most of the stuff now. Feeling a lot closer.
  3. Gold: Deposit has been left and motor should be getting the machine work started soon.
  4. White: Recieved the charcoal canister and ac bracket the other day, should be fitting them this weekend! Along with a knock sensor loom I got. Cant wait to get more done.
  5. They do, but wouldn't surprise me if they copied that as well.
  6. Prices for all parts for sale? As per forum rules.
  7. Also made a to buy/to do list. Heres what I can think of, off the top of my head.
  8. White: So, a while ago I purchased some lmgt4's with the intent of putting them on my gold car. Then I got the white car and thought they could go on it. Wasn't sure if they were genuine or reps as they had been recoated and no stickers fitted. They seemed genuine at the time. Finally stripped the tyre off, as I want to get them redone in gloss black. Picked them up off the machine after removing the rubber and was shocked..... They're so light! Have to be genuine. I'm pretty sure they're lighter than the current lmgt4's that I have fitted to the gold car that I know are genuine. Very happy with this. Cant wait to get them redone and fit them to the car. Anyway, heres some pics....... Ps, had the maaaad stretch fit tyres on the front. It will NOT be getting this kind of treatment from myself.
  9. luke gtr

    Use the "attachment" link instead of photo. I had the same issue, and this is the easiest work around.
  10. And back home for the long winter ahead.
  11. White: Heat wrapped down pipes and installed on car. Due to planning to see track use, I went with the most heat resistant stuff I could find. 2000°F continuous......
  12. White: Adjusted drivers door striker, now sits more flush. Pieced back together the centre console. Connected fuel line to rail.
  13. Thanks mate Too long...... I'd say the gold one will be done first, as its bolt together and drive. White one still requires parts.
  14. White: Fitted power steer pump. Placed radiator back in. Placed fan shroud and check clearance.
  15. Oh, fitted shifter too.....