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  1. Welcome. Plenty of info here, and many joining from the states. Post some pics in this thread when you get a chance.
  2. Was thinking like this..... I like the look. But, have never owned one.
  3. Welcome! Plenty of info in these hallowed halls. And we definitely appreciate the pics(everyone loves pics)
  4. Another option(if you like them) will be the Forrester GT. They look pretty good with a nice set of wheels and lowered a little. I haven't had too much to do with the subies, but have heard their gearboxes are a weak point if you go a solid centre clutch. Good luck with the hunt!
  5. Sounds good. Close to standard and just cruising they are pretty reliable and fun anyway. I'm sure you'll get many years of enjoyment.
  6. welcome. please, please, post pics when you get it. also, what are your plans/goals?
  7. welcome. many LOLvo's getting around, and plenty of knowledge on this site. post some pics of the cars when you get a chance. everyone loves pics!
  8. welcome. i still really like the v36 styling. i feel they went to a mpre euro look, but still gorgeous. hopefully you get to enjoy it to its full potential.
  9. welcome! definitely post pics. cant herlp with a conversion on language, but.......maybe a reason to learn japanese?
  10. welcome! decent looking ride. any plans for future upgrades? or leave stock and enjoy?
  11. depends on the car. i tracked my stock evo x(timed sprints, not proper circuit racing), and it wasnt too bad. i remeber your car..........anything that moddified, normally gets a few issues. now, to th OP... if you dont specifically want to drift, and want a fun, practical daily, the mazda 3 mps are a decent hot hatch for a fairly decent price. as mentioned, the 86/BRZ for rwd shinanigans. if budget is no issue, go for a 35 gtr or LFA. WRX and evos are good for a bit of track work and daily duties. either way, when you do grab something, post pics and hit events! SAU is one of the very few places ive seen who dont care what car you drive, so long as youre into cars.....
  12. Welcome. Post some pics of your 33 when you get a chance. We all love pics.
  13. Welcome. Also, 2nd for pics!
  14. Welcome, so I'm guessing your from near michelago way? I'm down in berridale, and have seen a white 33 getting around jindabyne, so you're definitely not alone. Hopefully will see you out and about.
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