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  1. tried again, still have the issue. After sitting idle and the app refreshing itself, comes up with login required. Go to log in, comes up with "network error"(hopefully screenshot attaches)
  2. CM51HR Black 32 gtr castleraegh rd Penrith just now. Looked good 👍
  3. Update: Have placed a sheet and towel in the front and rear Windows to keep the sun off the seats and dash. [emoji5]
  4. I did uninstall/reinstall. Wprked firdt time, then u Logged me out and cant log in. I'll try again and see how I go. Thanks for the response.
  5. @PranK Having issues logging into the android app after update. Can you see anything on your end?
  6. Naww, you guise..... I've gone dry sump on the 26. 30 already had billet gears. And I love my a.c. Thanks for the thought though
  7. Where's the "dislike" button?
  8. If eastern creek is anuthing to go by, I'll catch them through the corners anyway. #racenavara
  9. I think more would be unusable on the track(for me at least)
  10. They are quite good. Would have been unreal with e85
  11. Hi guys. Partner has noticed a 34 gt sitting on burrows rd, Alexandria. Very heavy dust and bird carp layer. Tasmanian plates: fs2359 Cloumn lower trim is off and wires hanging. Anyone have info? Know the owner? Of so, interest in selling? Here's some pics.....
  12. Ah! Very wise sensai.
  13. Out of curiosity(and laziness as I dont want to hunt) what "pops" on the dash series? E.g., Ex wheel falls off? Rear housing cracks? Bearing assembly?
  14. Option 3...... I still have my trust 618z's. Have both the 10 and 8cm rear housings. Honestly dont mind Bush bearing turbos. Cheaper to rebuild too.....
  15. Also, havent got those kind of fab skills, so add 1300 for a 6boob mani. And gate.