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  1. Here you go Dan: http://history.nissan.co.jp/STAGEA/M35/0110/index.html
  2. Hi All Hope you're having a good Easter. Doing a bit of a cleanout and discovered some M35 brochures and a couple of Japanese Magazines I don't want. Free to anyone interested, pick up Mascot or can post at your expense. Pm if you're interested. Thanks
  3. Thanks so much for clearing that up. Do you know what each of the numbers means perchance? This stuff is so interesting.
  4. Great work Mark & Co. Doing some analysis of the Model numbers in the Stagea section and have found a number of them are numbers, not letters. Was this intentional? for example: TGKNRFAC34UDAP88AZ 986 TGKNREAC34UZA2350Y 1 Corrupted data perhaps? Nevertheless awesome work and extremely interesting to know there were only 6 built with the same options as mine. Thanks
  5. For Sale: Set Of 5 Genuine OEM C34 Stagea Floor Mats. Used. NSW OK kids, the images tell the story, drivers mat worn and a little grubby as expected. Rubber backed, Feel free to request more images, inspections welcome Mascot, NSW PM or msg $100 + Postage - be warned they are heavy and large so postage could be hexi.
  6. M35 Stagea sales and options brochures moving sale Picked these up in Japan around years ago, just been sitting around, need to move house so purging all the stuff i don't need. All in Japanese, Sales, options, etc. Happy to let go for $20 including domestic postage. or pick up in Sydney CBD / Mascot. Msg/PM if interested. Thanks
  7. It's one of those Nismo NVI-IN multi dash things for a C34 Stagea has 6 days to go, good luck!
  8. Cold area pack also came with a bigger battery and heater.
  9. I've found www.interparcel.com.au to usually be cheaper but yeah..
  10. I have a set fs in Syd. but freight would probs kill it
  11. So sorry, I completely forgot about this, If you're still interested let me know and I'll have a look. Apologies Tim
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