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  1. I drove my Link over 30km to my tuner when I built my engine without really touching anything (bar setting up all the sensors etc) Was horribly rich, but made it there fine just cruising along.
  2. 89CAL

    Pay someone to do it Im sorry, but if you need a tutorial to rebuild your engine, you may not be ready for the work involved
  3. Google "PaulR33 Power FC FAQ' There may be something in there. As per above, I think the Apexi softwear you have to manually choose the COM port, but FC Edit I know has an auto function to work out which COM port is being used. However this does not always guarantee it will work Generally it will default to COM1 but if you are running windows, you should be able to go to hardware manager and see the USB to serial device there and it will either tell you what COM port is set in the properties or allow you to choose one Be aware that the outdated PS/2 cables that Power FC's use are tempremental at times and I have seen them play up if they have been bent, squashed or mistreated. If you have a handcontroller and it works, either something to do with the cable/box for connecting to the PC is stuffed, or you have a hardware/setting problem with the PC. As per above, some USB to serial adapters are terrible and some work flawlessly.
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    Was it tuned in winter by chance?
  5. Spark plugs use a soft metal washer to seal.
  6. Is it running the same AFM as the last car the Power FC was fitted to? Same injectors? Have you had a read of PaulR33's Power Fc FAQ? Im betting if you have fuel and spark then its probably a setting not quite right
  7. Take a photo of the "sensor/sw" page on the hand controller if you have one. Did you reset the power fc before you put it in? Might have a tune for a completely different setup
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    Youll need a wideband to check the AFR
  9. 89CAL

    Do you know what AFR it is running when it has the issue? Might have to richen it up a little Have you adjusted the idle screw recently?
  10. 89CAL

    5 volt sensors are designed to run between 0.5v and 4.5v. Anything outside that usually will cause a fault. This is general rule with sensors so not guaranteeing this will be correct Can you plug into the nistune?
  11. 89CAL

    Simple question. Is the radiator full and the overflow bottle at the right level? As long as their is fluid in there you should get an idea of what temp it is running at. If the temp seems normal (half or below), and there is no noticable leaks etc. then fair chance its not the cooling system. The stock gauge is not terribly accurate but i think you would see if there was a problem causing an overheat It sounds like possibly a coil on the way out that only shows up when the coil gets really hot after a bit of driving, but as per above really need a video to show the noise Last time I had a dead coil, could definetly tell that it was lacking power and sounded like a WRX
  12. 89CAL

    Dayco ones are fine. I run an RB30 Dayco fan hub in mine as I needed a little extra clearance between the engine and radiator. Seems to behave like an OEM hub Davies Craig are terrible. May as well just weld the fan to the water pump
  13. 89CAL

    Buy some new ones
  14. Have you thought about measuring the holes you have in the manifold and going off that. For what its worth, i had to machine my injector collars down for them to fit in my freddy manifold, however the stock rubber gaskets for the side feeds would sit in there fine so as a heads up you may need to modify something
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    Thats the one
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    What about the power window module in the door? I havent seen anyone mention that They play up sometime. If the motor works (which it does) and you have tried 2 x new switches then i would assume it would be the power window module
  18. There is specific surface finish required for the MLS and I'm guessing rubbing back with a scotchbrite pad is probably not enough Out of curiosity, did you use water or coolant?
  19. Simply deposit $1000 into my account so I know you are serious about your love of Koya and I will then send your $20 cash money
  20. 89CAL

    They are a paper gasket Ive run one on my car for years with 26psi boost and its still fine. You'll be O.K with the stock gasket
  21. I get $20 for everytime I defend them. Its a real thing. I dont even work anymore, just go on car forums and defend Koya. Interested in the Pasta section at Koya supermarket as well. Sounds amazing. Unfortunatly they must not exist north of Brisbane Thread beginning to deliver at least
  22. "I am the customer and the customer is always right" So seen as you have a superior secret european car, did you just join this forum to complain about Koya?
  23. WHAT OFFSET DID YOU GETTTTTTT? I've only asked 3,000 times. If you are too scared to tell us what size and offset wheels they supplied, then how are we supposed to believe that they are actually wrong for the car?
  24. Still waiting for offsets. Was there a mix up between gtst and gtr offsets Were the offsets not functional or you just didnt like how it look?