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  1. The only profession where it's a prerequisite to be lower than a snakes arsehole...sounds like politics would be the perfect career path for them.
  2. Where did you source your caliper adapter from ?
  3. Wow..some seriously bad luck your having there..& it looks like your using quality parts & certainly not skimping in the $$ department and you seem to know your way around an engine. So I really hope you get to the bottom of the cause for all these premature engine failures. Nice 240z you have too.
  4. They will never cease to find some poor unsuspecting naive victim .
  5. I have one & dont know of any others here..not interested in selling it though .
  6. You are lucky to have been offered a couple of fine examples of R34's there...and hope all works out well in regards to the shyster EL.
  7. Dead market ..or market full of deadbeats with no cash ?$2900 with tyres.
  8. What power did this end up making ?
  9. Still for sale..& not interested in swaps unless you have a good set of factory R32 gtr wheels + cash .
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