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  1. The car is still for sale. :-) $13,500 NSW Rego until Dec 2011. It has done 124840km. Receipts available 100,000km service done Last serviced by ESP Racing All belts, all cooling system replaced, injectors replaced, new coilpack No problems for the past 2 years, always garaged. "AO Graphics" decal was removed recently Queanbeyan NSW, near Canberra, pick up only, no swap Anthony Mobile: 04 1110 7519
  2. 2..... that would be mine. (It's for sale $13,500)
  3. Hi all, I am selling my Gunmetal grey 1990 R32 GTR. I owned it for the last 4 years. Since we had 2nd child, I no longer have time to enjoy it and maintain it. So the car sits in the garage most of the time, while I drive Corolla everyday. It has NSW Rego until end of December 2011. The car is located in Queanbeyan (near Canberra). I am looking for a reasonable offer around $13,500 for a quick sale. - Greddy temperature gauges - HKS boost gauge - HKS oil pressure gauge - Blitz performance meter - RSR 3" catback exhaust - Blitz air pods - Blitz BOVs - Bilstein hard suspensions on front - Oil catch can - Alarm - Eclipse Mp3 player - Turbo timer w/ remote off - Remote start (it used to work until I reset it) - Done 100,000km service, replaced timing belts, idle pulley, water pump, coolant tubes, etc Paint is still shiny, but it is a respray. There are small unnoticeable dings. Bit rusty on around brake discs, but not discs. Interior is clean, but leather items looks worn. Silver/white GT stripes. Side decals removed. It has done about 124800km, but I can't trust it. (I also have a Rav4 that has done 140,000km and is in much better condition). No air con, needs re-gassing. I have receipts for most of the work done, except for the ones that my brother-in-law has done. Last serviced by ESP All safety concerns related to steering have been rectified. (eg, front wheel bearings, CV boot, control arms replaced as part of pink slip rego inspection). No swap, No marine engineers, No sailors, No buying it for your aunty as a gift. Pick up only. Email: [email protected] Ph: 04 1110 7519 (AH) Thanks Anthony
  4. I got one of those email too. She wants to buy a GTR for her Aunty.... she'd love that! --- Thanks for the prompt response.. I am ready to buy it for my aunty and i am at sea at the moment as i am a marine engineer and due to the nature of my work, phone calls making and visiting of website are restricted but i squeezed out time to check this advert and send you an email regarding it. I really want this car to be a surprise for my aunty so i wont let her know anything about the car until it gets delivered to her, i am sure she will be more than happy with the car. Due to the nature of my work i am a very busy person working all day.i wont be able to come for inspection but all i really need from you is to be sure that the car is as describe online,preferably if i can get more close up picture (engine and interior inclusive).i have gone through what you wrote on the advert and i am really satisfied with its condition I insisted on pay pal because i don't have access to my bank account online as i don't have internet banking, but i can pay from my pay pal account, as i have my bank a/c attached to it. i will need you to give me your pay pal email address and the price so i can make the payments asap for the car and please if you don't have pay pal account yet, it is very easy to set up, go to www.paypal.com and get it set up, after you have set it up i will only need the e-mail address you use for registration with pay pal so as to put the money through. have a pick up agent that will come and pick the car up after i have made the payments. Regards. [email protected] --- I didn't respond for few days - so she sends me a second email which says: Mate,thanks for the response,i would have loved to call but due to bad weather our SATphone is currently scrambled please can i know the full condition of the car as am buying it for my aunty, she lives in perth,am a sailor and am currently onboard. i want to be sure if the car is still in good condition ,preferably if i can get more close up picture (engine inclusive), i will not be able to come for inspection now all i really need from you is the exact details of the car. Regards Mahry. [email protected] --- How did she SMS me in the first place if her SATphone didn't work? I removed my mobile number from my ad.
  5. I should be in for this one. It looks like the layout is different, and they are not meeting at the carpark by the Lake burley griffin, then travel up to Belco.
  6. There's a cheap R32 GTR which have been looked after - only driven about once a month in the past 12 months. PM sent to OBY.
  7. The driver of the stolen car, Justin Williams apparently knew the family. It just happens that the father of the family who was killed is also a car thief. http://www.canberratimes.com.au/news/local...es/1784630.aspx
  8. Yes! Since it's not 7:30am - I'm in. I'll bring some SAU ACT stickers and maybe a foldable bicycle too.
  9. 01- Donnan 32 GTR 02- Kat 32 GTR 03- Troy 33 GTS-T 04- Shell R34 GTT 05- Reece 32 GTS-T 06- Bob?????? 07- Cejay 32 GTS4 08- A20089 R33 GTR 09- ZCR R32 GTS-T 10- Dave R33 GTS-T 11 - Melly R33 GTS-T 12 - Mag86 (Andrew) MR30 Ti (pending mobility /painkillers on the day) 13 - Luke R33 GTS-t 14 - R33_ACT (Rob) R33 GTST 15 - Michael R33 GTS-T 16 - Nathan R32 GTS-T 17 - David R33 GTST 18 - Dale R33 GTST 19 - Lee DR-30 rsx skyline If new engine is running 20 - Pat R34 GT-T 21 - zenith13 R32 GTR (maybe)
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