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  1. I tried to attach pics but it wasn't working off my mobile, ill try again or later tonight.
  2. Also on carsales: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/nissan-stagea-1999-12863576?base=1216&vertical=Car&eapi=2&Page=2&sort=default&cr=17&__N=1246%201247%201252%201282%204294963846%204294960181%20898%201216&silo=Stock&Range=Price:10000,15000~0.5 $10,499 listed but looking to sell, 122,300 kms. Excuse the blurb it is intended for people that don't know Stageas and it was late at night: Personal Import in June 2007. A great comfortable and powerful car that defies its Volvo-esque shape! It had done 88,000 kms when I imported it, and full Japanese service history and logbooks which I had a Japanese friend look at and he thinks it was a one owner vehicle there. Since then it lived most of its life in Hobart, Tasmania before moving to Sydney. So the kms I have put on it are mostly not city kms. I have installed Bilstein Suspension and Whiteline sway bars and bushes to give it great handling. It also has an Alpine head unit and speakers and amplifiers etc etc. Full alarm, immobiliser turbo timer custom setup and integration. Custom exhaust installed from the turbo back including a muffler halfway through to eliminate auto "drone" so it is a nice sound. No other modifications completed or even contemplated. Recently serviced and had both tie-rod ends at the front replaced. And while I have owned it I have done the full 100,000kms service with timing belt, replaced coil packs with Splitfires, replaced shift solenoids and otherwise that is it, regularly serviced. Mechanically great with and perfect straight body with a minor chip and rear bumper thanks to other Sydney drivers. No sign of the mirror rust some other Stageas have. Interior is spotless with factory mats still in great condition. The AWD system has fantastic levels of grip and extremely assuring in the wet. Powerful 2.5l turbo engine, tiptronic, fast, smooth shifting auto, and huge amounts of cargo space with blind and cargo net. With rear seats folded it fits a single mattress. Standard safety equip of two airbags in front and ABS. I am a 28y.o. Financial Controller and drive the car sensibly with care!! I will shed a tear if it is sold, and I am doing so because my girlfriend just got a new car through work and I catch a train to work and its no longer needed. I do not want the car sitting there not being used, as much as I want to keep it. AND 2 SUNROOFS!!!
  3. I'll try and make my debut and say hi, and stand out like a sore thumb with Tassie plates!! That is assuming I get the auto fixed and I can find it...
  4. Great, after posting my useless reply to this months ago I am now having the same issue. When car gets hot it goes into limp mode, power is non-existant. Turn car on and the A/T light is flashing, not sure how many times havent counted. Giving me the sh*ts. I just moved to SYDNEY (havent updated yet), is there an MV automatics here somewhere? I looked but cant find one, is there somewhere else to take it to, PLEASE SYDNEY PEOPLE help me out!! I'm near St Peters if that matters. PLEASE HELP!!
  5. I really hope they fix that eventually, its stupid. And they need more aero parts on a lot of the cars too. I dont want it to turn into Need For Speed type crap, but some more options would be nice.
  6. Finnally got my car, a black 260RS. Havent had time to drive it yet. Looking forward to having some fun playing with the torque controller thingy and sending the power to the rear after fully working it!!
  7. Awesome, but DAMN WHERE IS MINE!!! Haha, I'll keep looking, just hit level 15. I can't wait to get one, get it fully worked, buy the torque controller send all the power to the rear and take it driftin!!
  8. It happened to me a lot. I either dont let it go below a quarter full or turn the car so its nose down!!! Took me three goes at running out of fuel before I got the hint that I really need to watch the tank though...
  9. So I havent played a PS3 game in years but I did just spend the weekend plodding through Gran Turismo 5. HOWEVER, I am yet to find a Stagea!!!! I have seen Legnums, Liberty, Impreza and Audi wagons but no Stagea. They will of course only be for sale in the used car section so I keep looking... This website says there are two however: http://www.gran-turismo.com/local/jp/data1...carlist_en.html A 98 RS FOUR S and a 98 260RS. So has anyone got one yet? How does it drive?
  10. This does not look right. The dash, the steering wheel.... Surely it is not legit 260RS. No engine pic either. http://j-spec.com.au/featured/1998-Nissan-...60RS-15474.html Thoughts?
  11. Random thought, checked the snow button? Would explain the "lag".
  12. Yup definately a white 260 gettin around Hobart. A series 1. Havent seen it lately but its here somewhere.
  13. Import prices for Auto S2s are down around 10k so its not overly surprising. Thats one hell of a car for 10k. But with those mods and it being a local sale and registered etc its still a good buy at 14. But I'm not holding out much hope for getting much back when I have to sell mine in a year or two to travel.
  14. I get a lot of Subaru comments as well. How dare he claim its a Subaru body? He must have some brain issues that reduce his ability to see shapes properly. Pretty much for me comments are ranked as follows: 1: Nice Volvo 2: What model Subaru is that? 3: Looks like a Hearse 4: What the f**k is that? (from older people particularly while they stare blankly at the double headed unicorn...) 5: Is that some kind of Falcon or Commodore?
  15. Might be an idea. If you PM your mobile I can possibly check them out on Sunday if I'm not too hungover?
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